Le top 10 des uniformes des équipes pour la saison 2015 (en anglais)

Article by World Archery Reporter Billie MARSHALL.

1. Brazil

Both of Brazil’s uniforms – green and yellow – climbed the podium in 2014. Both of Brazil’s podiums came courtesy of young prodigy Marcus D’ALMEIDA.

The question this time is: One-year wonder or here to stay? 

2. India

Known for smart suits when travelling and a host of designs for the competition field. This smart blue brought about arguably the Indian women’s best performance at the end of last season in Wroclaw.

Perhaps they’ll wear it more often in 2015? 

3. Ukraine

Whether blue and yellow or yellow and blue – tops and bottoms – the Ukrainian squad’s apparel is based on its national flag. Beijing 2008 Olympic Champion Viktor RUBAN is still on the team. 

4. Colombia

The Colombians bring a few splashes of colour to the archery scene: the blue, yellow and red from their flag. The likes of Alejandra USQUIANO and Sara LOPEZ wear Colombia’s colours and each one an Archery World Cup Final in the last two years. 

5. USA 

USAT (US Archery Team) switched to all-red uniforms since London 2012, with the national flag tastefully-emblazoned on the front. The USA recurve men are defending Olympic runners-up. 

6. Great Britain

If an award existed for the most patriotic design, then surely the Brits would have it: a uniform wholly focused on the nation’s flag.

This sharp and distinctive number is one to look out for as British veterans like Larry GODFREY are known to up their level in advance of the big game. (Like Rio 2016 qualification.)

7. Netherlands

Possibly the most distinctive of kits? The famous orange colour of Holland, a national tradition, has become a dangerous mark in archery as the young and deep Dutch team has found sustained success.

8. Russia

The Russians have a distinctive archery uniform… probably because their name is written across the front of it. The snazzy red is taken that one step further on their travel tracksuit! 

9. Korea

Simple yet smart. Korea’s all-white gear belies the nation’s cold dominance over the sport. The Korean world’s team was recently announced – and will include Olympic Champions KI Bo Bae and OH Jin Hyek.

10. Mexico

Red, green and white, the Mexican colours medals have been flowing to in recent times. 

The nation has a guaranteed four athletes at the Archery World Cup Final in Mexico City this October – and could up that to eight with strong performances on the circuit.

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