Triple title sweep for Korean recurve teams in Yankton

Korea's women's team in Yankton

Korea won all three gold medals in the three recurve team events at the 2021 Hyundai World Archery Championships in Yankton, USA.

It is the 14th time the women’s team has won the world title.

The Korean men have now won the championships immediately following each Olympic Games at which they have taken gold (2000 and 2001, 2004 and 2005, 2008 and 2009 – and now 2021… and 2021).

Favourites Kim Woojin, Kim Je Deok and Oh Jin Hyek beat hosts Brady Ellison, Matthew Nofel and Jack Williams in straight sets in the final, 6-0.

It‘s a return to the top step of the podium after taking two consecutive bronze medals.

“It’s been kind of a tough time for five years, so with my teammates we finally won first place. I feel really good. I really enjoyed it,” said Woojin.

The Korean men landed only two of their 18 arrows outside of the yellow, giving the USA little chance to make footway.

Unlikely previous Korean men’s teams, the trio was talkative and interacting during the match.

“We talk to each other about only focusing on our place. No matter what’s happening, we only focus on our shooting and our way to do that,” explained Jin Hyek.

Oh Jin Hyek during team finals in Yankton

The recurve women’s team final was a rematch of the gold medal match in 2017.

Just as back then, this year’s result went, 6-2, in favour of the Korean favourites over Mexico, the second seed at this event.

“In 2019, the last world championship, we lost the gold medal. At that time, I didn’t feel very good, but now we finally won the gold medal, so we feel really happy. This is a beautiful year,” said Kang Chae Young

Chae Young, An San and Jang Minhee had a rough start. 

Aida Roman, Alejandra Valencia and Ana Vazquez opened the match a point better to take the first two sets points. But the Koreans recovered fast and quickly jumped ahead.

In the fourth and final set, Mexico, shooting first, scored a 56. Korea tightened up but with a doubtful nine-liner, confirmation was required. 

The judge ruled in the Korean team’s favour and it was enough for the squad to share the set points and claim the title.

“I [used to be] the youngest and the little girl. Now I’m finally the captain and the oldest, and as a team member we finally won the world championship, and right after the Olympic Games. That’s why we’re so happy today,” added Chae Young.

This is the eighth time a Korean women’s team has won the worlds straight after the Olympics.

No other nation has ever done that double.

Korea, represented by top individual seeds An San and Kim Woojin, dominated in the mixed team final. The pair dispatched RAF in straight sets.

Final ranking: Recurve women’s team

  1. KOR flag Korea
  2. MEX flag Mexico
  3. FRA flag France

Final ranking: Recurve men’s team

  1. KOR flag Korea
  2. USA flag USA
  3. TPE flag Chinese Taipei

Final ranking: Recurve mixed team

  1. KOR flag Korea
  2. RAF flag RAF
  3. TUR flagTurkey