Four countries add World Games quotas at Americas qualifier

Sofia Paiz shoots at a world ranking event in Medellin in 2021.

Archers from the USA, El Salvador, Colombia and Puerto Rico won quota places for the Birmingham 2022 World Games at the Americas’ continental qualification event in Medellin, Colombia.

Savannah Vanderwier and former World Archery Champion James Lutz won the tournament, held as a secondary competition during a larger world ranking tournament, adding two spots to the USA’s existing four and completing the World Games host nation’s possible slate of tickets.

“That’s why we came down here,” said Lutz. “There was a bit of pressure on that but otherwise we did what we came down here to do.”

El Salvador’s Pan Am Games Champion Roberto Hernandez and teammate Sofia Paiz both finished second.

Although Hernandez has been a fixture at the World Games since the switch from the field to target discipline for compound archers in 2013, next year’s edition will be the first in which he can take part in the mixed team competition with a compound woman’s spot also secured.

“I’m happy and, honestly, relieved,” said Paiz. “I was feeling the pressure and had so much desire to do this that I had to learn to control it. Right now, I’m just so pleased and so satisfied.”

Daniel Munoz delivered a resounding win over Costa Rica’s Brandon Gonzalez to add a men’s ticket to Colombia’s pair of women’s places won by Sara Lopez and Alejandra Usquiano at the worlds.

Puerto Rico’s Paola Ramirez collected the last available ticket for the women’s event.

These new six quotas bring the total of spots awarded for next year’s World Games to 38, with 18 remaining at the last continental qualifier in Asia and to the top archers on the world ranking list not yet qualified at the end of this year.

Quota by country – Birmingham 2022 World Games

Accurate as of 7 November 2021. Changes marked in italics.

Target archery (compound only)

  • AUT flag Austria: 1 (1 man)
  • BEL flag Belgium: 1 (1 woman)
  • CAN flag Canada: 1 (1 man)
  • CHN flag China: 1 (1 para man – He Zihao)
  • COL flag Colombia: 3 (1 man, 2 women)
  • CRO flag Croatia: 1 (1 woman)
  • DEN flag Denmark: 2 (1 man, 1 woman)
  • ESA flag El Salvador: 2 (1 man, 1 woman)
  • EST flag Estonia: 1 (1 man)
  • FRA flag France: 1 (1 man)
  • GER flag Germany: 1 (1 man)
  • GBR flag Great Britain: 2 (1 woman, 1 para woman – Phoebe Pine)
  • IND flag India: 2 (1 man, 1 woman)
  • KOR flag Korea: 2 (1 man, 1 woman)
  • NED flag Netherlands: 3 (1 man, 2 women)
  • MEX flag Mexico: 2 (1 man, 1 woman)
  • POL flag Poland: 1 (1 man)
  • PUR flag Puerto Rico: 1 (1 woman)
  • RUS flag Russia: 1 (1 woman)
  • SVK flag Slovakia: 1 (1 man)
  • SLO flag Slovenia: 1 (1 woman)
  • TUR flag Turkey: 1 (1 man)
  • USA flag USA: 6 (2 men, 1 para man, 2 women, 1 para woman)

Field archery

Full quota list available following the main field archery qualifier.