Korean women right Paris wrong as both recurve teams make finals

Korea's recurve women at Medellin 2022

Less than one month after a shock early exit from the competition in Paris, the Korean recurve women are back where they belong. Both Korean recurve teams made the finals at the fourth stage of the 2022 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Medellin, Colombia.

Korea took five of the top six seeds across the individual events on Wednesday – with the women locking out the top three.

An San, Kang Chae Young and Lee Gahyun then saw off India and France in dominant performances under the flightpath of Olaya Herrera Airport on Thursday. With the great white sharks biting at medals once again, the only question is – can anyone stop them?

The Bryony Pitman-led Great Britain will attempt to on Sunday morning. Pitman is joined in the British line-up by Penny Healey and Jaspreet Sagoo. The third-seeded team beat host Colombia, Spain and then Mexico in the semifinals.

“It feels absolutely amazing. It’s only the third time we’ve shot together at an international competition," said Pitman. The Brits won gold at stage one in Turkey, which Korea did not attend. “To be in the gold again here is just absolutely incredible.”

Britain’s semifinal against Mexico was tied after four ends and went to a shoot-off. Both teams put down 10-9-8 – and at a measure, the judge ruled that no winner could be chosen. So the teams went to a second tiebreak, in which both teams shot three nines – but the Brits were measured closer to the middle.

"After the first shoot-off it was quite nervy,” said Pitman. “I’ve not ever had to shoot a second shoot-off in the team round so that was a new experience, but we were so closely matched the whole way through. To come away with a win is just amazing.”

Mexico lost a second tiebreak in a row in the bronze medal match. France’s Lisa Barbelin shot a six to win it, 25-24.

“I didn't think it was enough but the boys from my team said, ‘it’s okay, it's okay’, and, wow, I was so happy,” she said.

Germany's recurve men's team celebrate bronze at Medellin 2022

Kim Je Deok, Kim Woojin and Oh Jin Hyek will play Spain’s Pablo Acha, Miguel Alvarino Garcia and Ken Sanchez Antoku in the recurve men’s team final.

The Korean top seeds won in Gwangju and Paris – and are set as favourites having improved in every match they shot today in Unidad Deportiva de Belen. Cuba fell first with a 56.25-point set average, then Chinese Taipei as the Koreans finished with a 58 and, in the semifinal, the men in white dropped just two points in 18 arrows to comfortably dispatch the Netherlands.

A typical day for the top-seeded Korean squad – after yesterday’s special day for one member of the team. Kim Woojin is now a father.

“Actually, the baby was supposed to come a month later, it came early,” he said. "I had to think a lot. I was thinking about whether to come here or not. As a national team member, I had to come here because I represent Korea. I’m still having a lot of thoughts. I don’t have regrets, but I’m now trying to focus on my matches.”

Germany lost to Spain, 5-1, in the semifinals but then beat the Netherlands by the same score to secure bronze.

“I feel happy because we won, but I am not 100% happy because I’m not 100% satisfied with my shooting," said Germany’s Jonathan Vetter. “I would say I'm 90% happy and 10% a little bit, not angry, but disappointed about how I shot some shots. My timing could be a bit better in some moments.”

“Winning is always nice and the fact that even if you are not 100% you can still win a medal it's good to know, because then if you give 100% you know it could be even better,” he concluded.

Competition continues in Medellin with compound eliminations on Thursday afternoon.

Team results: Medellin 2022

Results as of Thursday 21 July. The gold medal matches are scheduled for Sunday 24 July.

Recurve men

  • Gold medal match: Korea versus Spain
  • Bronze medal match: Germany 5 – 1 Netherlands

Recurve women

  • Gold medal match: Korea versus Great Britain
  • Bronze medal match: France 5 – 4 Mexico