International judge Rolf Volungholen retires at the age of 64

Rolf Volungholen serving at Yankton 2022 World Archery Field Championships.

The World Archery Field Championships in Yankton were remarkable for international judge Rolf Volungholen.

The 64-year-old Swede wore the World Archery suit for the last time as he decided to retire after a journey in archery that lasted for several years. 

“It started in 2007 in Sweden,” Volungholen said. “I lived for some time in the USA and began with 3D archery. Then I moved to Sweden, put together my bow and after a couple of years went to the local archery club.”

At the time, he noticed there was room for improvement there. And he did not hesitate to offer his help.

“The performance level there was low,” he explained. “I wanted to do something with that and asked the secretary general of the Swedish [Archery] Federation.”

Volungholen told his national organisation’s representative that judges in Sweden ‘sucked’. 

“I used that expression,” he confirmed. ”And he said ‘maybe you could help us with that?’ 

In 2015, Rolf went to the continental congress for judges, his first steps as a judge.

And from that point, his unforseen career developed and brought him to the world stage. He became an international judge candidate in 2018 and upgraded to the international status in 2021.

“And here we are!”

He went on to judge major events, including the latest world field championships, which turned out to be his last competition.

The technical official team at Yankton 2022.

Volungholen has always appreciated true sportsmanship. Witnessing a gesture of fair play by Louisa Piper in Yankton, he could not but informed World Archery.

The Swede said that archery contained the values he shared.

“We try to create community. This is why sports is better than politics. It’s about values.”

“Whenever we are getting better, it’s a value which we try to transfer to other people. That’s important.”

The Swede served and contributed to major events all around the world, but it wasn’t all he experienced. He also became part of the archery family. 

“I’ve been an international judge for the last year and a half. I started a bit late, in my 60s!”

“I went to around fifteen international events and met people, made friends,” he said.

The sport has been a substantial part of Rolf’s life. And even if he now retires as a judge, he will be more than welcome on the field. Also with a bow, as he shoots, too.

“Archery is the best sport in the world,” he claimed. “You can perform that at any age.”

Taking part in the 3D national championships recently, he was approached by a man who was 83 and has been shooting for 63 years. Rolf has been doing it for 24.

“I’ve got some time ahead, still,” the 64-year-old said.