This rookie team is exactly what Korea needs for the 2024 Olympics

Lim Sihyeon at the Shanghai stage of the Hyundai Archery World Cup in 2023.

Korean trials have finished and the recurve women’s team that will go to Paris 2024 to try and win a 10th straight Olympic title has been announced… and we have never seen two of the three at a major international before.

Lim Sihyeon’s back for a second season but Jeon Hunyoung and Nam Suhyeon – unknowns.

First reaction… what? Who? Where’s Choi Misun – or at least somebody with some experience to help this squad navigate the incredible pressure of the Games. But my second reaction… this is perfect.

Every Olympics, there’ll be a Korean woman you’ve never heard of before (abroad) join the line-up and, often, never hear of again. But they’ve always been successful. Nine straight Olympic gold medals don’t lie.

Is it the Korean mentality? Is it because they put the team before anyone else?

This line-up – the lack of exposure to international competition – is going to work in Korea’s favour. In Lim, Jeon and Nam, the nation has three archers with one focus, the team. There’s no individual hunger, no drive for personal success.

(Which we’ve seen for the first time in men’s leader Kim Woojin. He, for the first time, mentioned his goal of individual glory in the post-trials presser.)

It’s what Korea needed. Archers that haven’t already had a real taste of individual success…

…except Lim Sihyeon, the reigning Asian Games Champion. Who proved she was capable on the world stage last year – but is still new enough to know what matters.

At every Games, there’s been a standout star. Park Sung-Hyun in 2004 (and 2008), Ki Bo Bae in 2012, Chang Hye Jin in 2016 and, arguably now the most famous of them all, An San in 2020.

It’s going to be Sihyeon in Paris. She’s got the personality, she’s got the star power.

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