Fullerton’s 717 top compound qualifying round in Yecheon

Mathias Fullerton draws arrows from the target in Yecheon.

Reigning Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion Mathias Fullerton (717) and Korean newcomer Han Seungyeon (711) topped compound qualification at the second stage of this year’s international circuit, which started today in Yecheon.

Fullerton shook his fist in celebration after shooting a 60 to finish.

“I’m happy. To know that you’re best on the field today is a great feeling. I’ll just have to see what I do in the eliminations… but I’m happy to take some World Cup points home and know I’m on top of my game,” he said.

The top eight seeds collect bonus points towards the World Cup Ranking. Fullerton was also top seed at stage one in Shanghai, but lost in the quarterfinals, and won the recent European Championships.

“I’m confident in my shooting,” he added.

Fullerton and Sawyer Sullivan were tied with six arrows to shoot.

While the Dane looked calm and controlled, Sullivan flung his bow arm on the first two, maybe three, of his arrows. One of them landed a little high and right – a nine.

That single point dropped Sullivan behind Mike Schloesser on X-count (both had 716 points).

Sporting a set of bright red trousers – and red, white and blue Nikes – to match his US teammates, the score is a one-point competition best for Sullivan.

“I knew I was on pace,” he said. “I‘m super excited, I’ve just got to stay focused.”

Stage one winner Nico Wiener seeded 12th with 711 points.

Thirteen compound men and three compound women scored 710 or more. Han Seungyeon, with 711, had a point more than Luxembourg’s Mariya Shkolna and her own Korean teammate Oh Yoohyun at the top of the leaderboard.

“I’m happy the score came out as much as I tried,” said Han. “I was a bit frustrated in Shanghai because I didn’t achieve the results I wanted.”

Both Seungyeon and Shkolna’s previous competition bests were 704.

Jyothi Surekha Vennam, who won the season opener, qualified fourth with 707 and reigning Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion Sara Lopez fifth with 705 points.

Han’s top seed led the Korean compound women’s team to shoot a new qualifying world record of 2126 points (+6) combined.

Competition in Yecheon continues with compound eliminations on Wednesday morning, followed by recurve qualifying in the afternoon.

Top seeds: Yecheon 2024

Full results on the event page.

Compound men

  1. Mathias Fullerton, Denmark – 717
  2. Mike Schloesser, Netherlands – 716 (38 Xs)
  3. Sawyer Sullivan, USA – 716 (36 Xs)

Thirty-eight archers shot 700+. There was no top-64 cut.

Compound women

  1. Han Seungyeon, Korea – 711
  2. Mariya Shkolna, Luxembourg – 710 (63 10s)
  3. Oh Yoohyun, Korea – 710 (62 10s)

Seventeen archers shot 700+. There was no top-64 cut.