Statement: Qualification scorecard appeal in Copenhagen

Three compound athletes signed for ranking round score totals that were significantly lower than the scores indicated by their arrow values and electronic scoring.

Article 14.4.1 of the World Archery Rulebook states that:

“One paper scorecard and one electronic scorecard are used, the sum total of the paper scorecard will be used for the final result unless the sum total reflected on the scorecard is greater than the actual score (in which case the lower actual score is used).”

The final scores of the athletes were altered from the electronic running score to the total score submitted on their signed scoresheets according with the rule. This significantly changed the compound leaderboard in both the individual and team events.

The USA team filed an appeal against the change in score with the Chairman of Judges.

The Jury of Appeal studied the appeal and delivered the ruling that according to Article 14.4.1 the appeal was rejected. The final qualification scores remain according to the signed scoresheets.

It is critical that all teams check their scorecards, including totals, very carefully before signing to avoid this kind of regrettable situation in the future.