Top 10: Lucky charms spotted at ’15 worlds

1. Natalia Sanchez – recurve woman

The 32-year old Colombian archer received new earrings featuring the Olympic rings from her boyfriend before these world championships, so says they are her lucky charm at this event.

Natalia also has a small mascot (which you can see in the header photo) on her bow stand that she received at the Guadalajara 2011 Pan American Games.

2. Clementine De Giuli – compound woman

This Swiss girl is a great fan of the comedy film Minions. She collects items related to the movie and has an army of the yellow creatures back home. She’s always got these two on her quiver – and they travel with her to events.

3. Oh Jin Hyek  – recurve man

The clicker of Olympic Champion is shaped like a women’s leg. Whether he thinks it’s lucky or not is up for debate – but it’s unusual.

It did not help him during his first round match against 19-year old Kazak Sanzhar Mussayev – who was seeded 102nd. Oh underwent a mortifying defeat, 6-4.

4. Inge Van Caspel  – compound woman

Inge’s got lots of different lucky charms on her quiver that she collects from every tournament – a cat from her teammate, items from Japan, Turkey, Mexico and one from another teammate...

“Also I’m wearing a bracelet, and as a team we’re wearing a blue ribbon [she put hers at the end of her braid] and my hair colour is special for this tournament,” more added to the list!

5. Karina Winter  – recurve woman

I’ve switched to another necklace, a new one on which two of my biggest achievements are now printed.

It says ‘Inspire’ in front, and on the back are the dates when she won my world title (indoor 2009) and the European Games (Baku 2015). And there’s still space for some more…

6. Mikko Juutilainen  – compound man

Mikko is a big video games fan! The Finnish archer wears two belt buckles representing video games characters, and also a plush Angry Birds key ring on his quiver.

7. Elin Kattstrom  – recurve woman

Shooting at these world championships seven months pregnant, 31-year old Swede Elin may have other things on her mind. She lost to Germany’s Elena Richter in the first round, 9-8 in a shoot-off.

8. Evrim Saglam  – compound woman

Only 18 years old, Evrim has a cuddy toy strapped to her bow arm – and her chalk bag is in the shape of Super Mario.

9. Florian Faber  – recurve man

It’s a dragon on scope!

10. Karla Hinojosa  – recurve woman

Karla says she has no lucky charm! And apparently, she doesn’t need one…

The 20-year old Mexican beat Dane Maja Jager 6-2 in the second round, and she did not know her opponent was the reigning world champion.

Her coach confessed: “I didn’t tell her before the match!”