Italian Federation Invests in Innovative Livestreaming Facility

The Italian archery federation, FITArco, operates its own dedicated YouTube channel, YouArco, broadcasting events from within Italy. Since it launched in May 2012, the channel has amassed nearly half a million views.

In an effort to increase the quality of the videos it’s showing, FITArco teamed with Ianseo to create a small but dedicated broadcast van, stacked with streaming equipment, that was tested during the Italian Challenge and Italy’s indoor nationals in Rimini in February.

The van has a name. It’s Tutankamion. And this takes some explaining…

Previously, YouArco had a set of flight cases – heavy-duty plastic or metal boxes – to protect all its streaming equipment during transit. That was named Tutankamun due to its resemblance to the sarcophagus of said ancient Egyptian emperor.

In Italian, “camion” is truck. Tutankamun… camion… Tutankamion!

Inside this very-much modern sarcophagus is all the gear needed to produce video in full high definition and stream it via a satellite antenna that connects directly to the internet.

The van is equipped with five high-definition cameras (soon to be seven), a complete streaming system, five-microphone audio set-up, instant replay and playout systems, recording devices, the ability to produce basic graphics, a network, intercom, air conditioner, power protection unit and an integrated Ianseo server to manage live scoring.

It’s also got all the technology required to add an external commentary position, up to 100 metres away, with control monitors, microphones and a dedicated camera.

While the ingredients might sound quite complicated, mixing them together is quite easy. All the operational procedures have been simplified and can be run by as little as two people, though there is space for five.

Tutankamion now travels around the country and is put to work at Italian national events and European competitions held in Italy, live streaming a minimum of 20 days each year. As well as covering finals, YouArco looks for interesting angles to stream the ceremonies, qualification and elimination, the whole event from start to finish, meaning up to 12 hours of live production every day.

Streams include interviews with archers, spectators and VIPs, plus spotlights on manufacturers, technical tips from archers and coaches, and more.

Tutankamion also supports the production of standalone interviews and features, new to the YouArco channel, like a recent four-episode series that documents the life of young archers living at the national training centre in Cantalupa.

The investment in new equipment and an innovative streaming set-up means YouArco will expand its catalogue of live events and allow for production of high-quality video from more remote locations, like 3D and field, while all the time offering more archery content to its growing audience.

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