IOC invites national federations, not-for-profits to apply for active society grants

The development grants were created by the IOC Sport and Active Society Commission to fulfil its mission to encourage people everywhere to participate in regular physical activity and to promote the health and social benefits of sport, within the framework of Olympic Agenda 2020, the International Olympic Committee’s strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement.

In 2016, the grants fall under three themes: sports legacy for the Olympic Games or other major events; community-wide promotion of physical activity, and the engagement of youth.

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), not-for-profit organisations, international and national federations (including IOC-recognised international federations) and National Olympic Committees (NOCs) are eligible to apply before the 15 May 2016 deadline for submissions.

Applicants will be shortlisted by a panel of judges from IOC Sports, Olympic Games, Olympic Solidarity, and Public Affairs and Social Development through Sport Departments.

Winning entrants will be announced in July, with funding scheduled to be provided in September.

“The IOC Sport and Active Society Commission’s efforts to promote regular physical activity and active lifestyles in society are of major importance to all of us. This IOC project gives World Archery member associations the opportunity to present their national activities to the sports movement and even support for future efforts,” said World Archery Executive Board Member and IOC Sport and Active Society Commission member Jorg Brokamp.

“We are looking for projects that really inspire people to get moving and lead active, healthy lifestyles,” said IOC Sport and Active Society Commission chair Sam Ramsamy. “We know from experience that there are many excellence sport for all programmes out there and we are looking forward to learning about some of the best practices being implemented around the world.”

Organisations interested in applying should complete the application form available on the IOC website.