Rio 2016 Olympic finals preview: Recurve men

The last day of the Rio 2016 Olympic archery competition awards the men’s gold medal – the last available in the sport at the Games.

Favourite and number one seed Kim Woojin went out in the early rounds of the competition, while Brady Ellison made it to finals day for the first time in his three-Olympic-spanning career. There’s a bunch of youngsters left in the brackets, and this Games has not been short of an upset already.

The athletes, schedule and picks on men’s finals day in the Sambodromo archery arena…



Morning session: (9:00 UTC-3 Rio time) Third round matches. The last 16 men’s athletes in the Olympic competition are cut to just eight.

Afternoon session: (15:00 UTC-3 Rio time) Quarterfinals to medal matches, culminating in the bronze then gold final – and victory ceremonies.

Check your local host broadcaster for where to watch. Live scores, news, podium and results at

Podium picks

Two of our expert panel predict the men’s individual podium at Rio 2016 from the 16 athletes left in the competition.

George Tekmitchov

Gold: Ku Bonchan

Silver: Lee Seungyun

Bronze: Furukawa Takaharu

John Stanley
Journalist and blogger

Gold: Ku Bonchan

Silver: Sjef van den Berg

Bronze: Riau Ega Agatha

The men’s individual finals take place on 12 August at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.