10 archers asked: What’s in your bowcase?

We asked 10 archers at the 2016 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in Odense, Denmark, if they had any items they always take with them to tournaments – apart from their bows, of course.

Here’s what they said…

1) CHOI MISUN, Korea 

Item: “Monkey”

“He’s called Monkey. I’ve been bringing him along for a while. At first, he didn’t mean anything, but now I’ve been bringing him for so long that it would be weird if he wasn’t there.”

2) INGE VAN CASPEL, Netherlands 

Item: Model guinea pig 

“This is a guinea pig. I have two at home, and I miss them very much, so I started bringing them along for good luck. I’ve given a few to other people as well. He was with me when I won in Vegas, so he’s staying with me forever now!”


Item: Cigar cutter

“I bring it in case of celebration.”

4) CAMILO CARDONA, Colombia 

Item: Fish hooks

“This is a reminder of when me, Alejandra (Usquiano) and Sara (Lopez) went boating and fishing in Arizona in 2015. They’re a little rusty. “


Item: Service Card

“This is a card from my brother, who is serving in Iraq. He’s an archer, too – and the reason why I started archery. I have an arrow from him, too. He’s very close to my heart.” 

6) TAN YA-TING, Chinese Taipei 

Item: Amulets

“The one on the left is from a temple near my house, and it’s supposed to bring safety and security.”

“The one on the right is from a temple near my best friend’s house, and it’s supposed to bring good results!”

7) WEI CHuN-HeNG, Chinese Taipei 

Item: Taekwondo equipment

“This is from my girlfriend. She’s a taekwondo player, it’s a little thing they use for electronic scoring in taekwondo. It’s to bring me more power, to make me stronger.” 

8) SJEF VAN DEN BERG, Netherlands 

Item: “Scout”

“His name is Scout. Sometimes he’s called Maximus [much laughter from the Dutch team].”

“I sent him to my girlfriend in Norway on Valentine’s Day. She brought him back to me and said: ‘here’s something you can put in your bowcase that reminds you of me’. He’s been with me for about one year now.”


Item: Work computer, and beef jerky

“I have to make a living. I usually have to do some work whenever I am away on tour, pretty much everywhere except China. The beef jerky I have because I have to eat every two hours or I pass out, so it’s an easy and handy source of protein. “


Item: Amulets

“These were given to me by my mother, the silver one from my grandmother. They remind me to always be nearer to God.”

The 2016 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final runs 24/25 September in Odense, Denmark.