Paralympian Jane Karla to open archery school in Brazil

Through her short but successful four-year journey in the sport, Jane Karla can already call herself Para Pan American Champion and has represented her nation at a home Paralympics – but now she’s ready for a new challenge. Along with husband Goachim, Jane is opening an archery school in Goiania.

As one of Brazil’s top compound archers, the Paralympian made the able-bodied team for the first time in 2016, finishing 17th at the Hyundai Archery World Cup stage in Medellin, Colombia.

She carried the Olympic torch through Goiania, her hometown, and competed at the Paralympic Games in Rio.

Although the result at the Games wasn’t quite what she wanted – Jane finished 5th – she leveraged the Paralympic experience to more national and international success, including at the recent Fazza tournament in Dubai, and wants to motivate others, especially children, to pursue their dreams.

Jane, husband Goachim and Gustavo Mendanha, major of Aparecida de Goiania, have started to work on an archery school for both able-bodied and impaired children aged 12 and up in the region.

The archery range, which will be located in the city’s Olympic Centre (Centro Olimpico da Aparecida de Goiânia in Portuguese), is set to be 100% inclusive. The goal is to both promote the sport of archery and give children with impairment a positive perspective of life.

Gustavo Mendanha, major of Aparecida de Goiania, shooting at the archery field in the Olympic Centre of the city.

“This project will have a tremendous impact in the city of Goiania because I can show ways, possibilities and prove to people that impairment doesn’t stop you from being good in what you want, that it’s up to each person,” said Jane.

“Archery is a sport with a 100% inclusion in which able and disabled archers can compete against each other, something that’s not possible in other sports.”

Joachim has worked with national para athletes in a number of sports.

“This project can bring future benefits to Brazil because it might help us find prospect athletes that can follow Jane’s steps. It will be very important for children to have her so close and use her as an example,” said Joachim.

“I think understanding the difference between a top level athlete and one who wants to train for leisure will be key in the process.”

While the construction of the archery field progresses, an alternative range has been arranged to get the project underway. Lessons will initially be free and schedules are already available on the City’s Hall website.