World Archery attends women in leadership forum

Picture courtesy Woods/International Olympic Committee.

Two female members of World Archery committees, Siret Luik and Evelyn Papadopoulou, attended the second international federation women in leadership forum organised by the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The three-day workshop collected female leaders across sport and combined training and mentoring with expert panel discussions.

“It was productive and educational experience. We had the opportunity to share positive experiences and meet some inspirational women in sport,” said Siret.

The full programme saw attendees learn the nuances of public elocution and body language when speaking, the role of a good leader, how to mentor other women in sport and were encouraged to find other individuals in similar situations to network with.

Discussions centred around the current situation of gender equity in sporting organisations and the potential of women in positions of management.

“There is a strong belief that diversity brings strength to governance but women should not be elected just to fill quotas. Elections should be based on competence,” said Siret.

World Archery was the first international federation to have a female President, one of the first sports to have a women’s competition at the Olympics – and currently maintains a 50:50 gender balance at the Games.

“I will always keep in mind three ‘C’s: chances, choices and changes. These are key to creating a better, equal future,” Siret added.