Zandra Reppe: I’m curious how far I can go

Want to see inside the mind of an international archery athlete? We’ll be asking some of the world’s best for advice, expertise and an idea of their approach to the sport. 

This time, two-time Paralympian and 2014 European Champion Zandra Reppe answers our questions…

1. What makes the perfect archer?

Have a very strong mind – and a lot of practice time.

2. Your advice to beginner archers

Just relax, don't forget to breath and do what your coach tell you to do. Have fun!

Give every arrow a possibility to hit the 10, also during training. It's not the multitude of arrows and shooting that matters, but more important is to focus on quality of technical shooting performance.

3. How do you choose your equipment?

It has to fit me and my shooting style. I want the best tuning and compatibility between the bow and the arrows. That means a lot of material tests and adjustments during the years.

4. Who’s your favourite person to shoot with?

I love to compete in mixed team, where I will do my best for the team and give positive feedback.

5. Where do you get your motivation from?

It is difficult now to keep motivation. Archery is an expensive sport, and despite several medals and records, it's impossible to get sponsorship in Sweden. I have developed so much in recent times, and I'm curious how far I can go. That's one of my motiviations.

6. Some ways to reboot your energy

Have fun with friends. Get in liquids during the competition, while food and sleep is also important, both before and afterwards.

7. How do you deal with distraction?

Distractions are always around you. I can choose to be distracted or choose to stay in focus. It’s for myself to make that active choice.

8. What's your archery secret?

I can't tell, it's a secret…

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