Ricardo Soto: I feel hungrier in competition

Want to see inside the mind of an international archery athlete? We’ll be asking some of the world’s best for advice, expertise and an idea of their approach to the sport. 

This time, youngest archery in Rio at 16 and Panamerican Cadet Champion Ricardo Soto answers our questions…

1. What makes the perfect archer?

Keep the focus is the most important thing for the archer, and in second place is the technique.

2. What keeps you going back to your bow?

When I feel bored, I take my bow and shoot.

3. Compare training and competition

In competition I feel hungrier than usual!


I experiment with different equipment whenever I can, but personally, I like things that can make my bow faster.

5. Who's your favourite person to shoot with?

My friend Placencia, because he is fun and makes me laugh.

6. Your advice to beginner archers?

Take care of the free food in the hotels, have fun and always check your equipment before shooting.

7. what’s your archery secret?

“Full stomach, happy heart!”

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