Tan Ya-Ting: Learn from other archers

Want to see inside the mind of an international archery athlete? We’ll be asking some of the world’s best for advice, expertise and an idea of their approach to the sport. 

This time, Rio 2016 team bronze medallist Tan Ya-Ting answers our questions…

1. What makes the perfect archer?

One who faces failure positively and bravely.


First you’ve got to love archery, and then train with the right attitude. To stay motivated I keep thinking positive and set goals for myself.

3. Why do you compete?

To know the level of my skills. To know where I stand among all the top archers from around the world.

4. How do you choose your equipment?

My coach gives me advice and lets me try different equipments to find which I feel the best with when shooting.

5. Your advice to relax

Do something that you like. But also try some sports other than archery, as that can help you relax. 

6. Who’s your favourite person to shoot with?

I love shooting with my teammates because it feels enjoyable.

7. What's your mental secret?

Learn from other archers’ strengths…

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