Marcel Pavlik: 200 shots per day at close range

Want to see inside the mind of an international archery athlete? We’ll be asking some of the world’s best for advice, expertise and an idea of their approach to the sport. 

This time, wheelchair compound archer Marcel Pavlik, fifth at Rio 2016 Paralympics, answers our questions…

1. Your advice for good practice

I shoot about 200 arrows a day from a distance of two-and-a-half metres without a target. This way I practise my shooting and mental technique, and it's also a good workout.


Competition is the training and experience of the athlete. Good training every day and a lot of repetition of qualification and matches. A good athlete is tough in competition.

3. How do you choose your equipment?

I choose the bow that has a handle which suits my hand perfectly while having the ability to customise drawlength. It is good to try before buying a bow grip handle. If it does not fit, don't buy!

Also watch whether the bow handle has a clip for balance weight and if you can fit in a short dampener as well.


Learn to do everything yourself – repairing and tuning your bow and arrows – so you identify with your own material. One body, one soul.

5. Who’s your favourite person to shoot with?

When I started shooting the compound bow, my favourite archer was Reo Wilde. Why? Not only thin people win...

Later, I added to my list of favourite archers Allberto Simonelli, who shoots on a wheelchair like me. Stephan Hansen uses bows from only one manufacturer, like me. Mike Schloesser is nice, a good person, I like his shooting. He is Mister Perfect, after all!

6. How do you relax?

In the countryside, in the woods, away from city noise and people. I love animals, sports, handbike and wheelchair fencing.

7. What's your mental secret?

I believe that the way I train and set up my bows and arrows never disappoints me. I believe only in myself.

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