The top 10 archery photos of 2017?

The international outdoor season might be long gone, but the photos taken over course of the year will stick around forever. (Especially since Facebook was invented!)

Resident World Archery photographer Dean Alberga has been sifting through his archives, picking out his top 10 favourite pictures from the last eight months.

1. Brady v Kim

The Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in Rome – and two heavyweights going head-to-head for the title. Woojin’s at full draw, composed, while Brady’s looking back to his coach, confused.

It’s rare you see such a clear contrast between two competing archers in one photo.

2. Focus

This one of Jean-Charles Valladont – and particularly his eyes – reeks of the determination needed to succeed at the highest level.

3. Kang’s arrows

I like the colours! (Salt Lake City was great for colour.) And the smile.

4. New and old

Qualification at the Hyundai Archery World Cup stage in Berlin held at the venue of the 1936 Olympic Games. It’s photoshopped, but it’s an incredible mix.

5. Alone on the line

Can you imagine trying to concentrate, trying to shoot your best, with a 10-metre high picture of your own face, live, on the big screen next to you?

6. Teamwork

The bond between athletes, and athlete and coach, is critical to succeeding in team competition. Chinese Taipei is one of the best in the world.

7. Champ

Ever since she won the Olympic Games, the images I’ve taken of Chang Hye Jin pop. She looks calmer, more confident… more champion.

8. Final four

The recurve men’s semifinals in Shanghai, with Sjef van den Berg and Steve Wijler dead centre. Wijler – at his first-ever international event – went on to win.

9. Lisa looking

Every line call counts.

10. Tears

It’s impossible to capture the emotion of a big win. Every now and again you catch a hint, and hopefully that hint is enough to inspire.

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