Netflix releases Ladies First documentary starring Deepika Kumari

Header image courtesy Netflix.

Ladies First, a documentary on the life of four-time Hyundai Archery World Cup silver medallist Deepika Kumari, was released for worldwide streaming by Netflix on 8 March 2018, International Women’s Day.

The 40-minute documentary short, shot in the lead-up to Rio 2016, tells the story of Deepika’s journey from poverty to finding archery, and her quest to become India’s first female Olympic medallist.

“The main lesson Deepika teaches in this film is that you only lose when you give up, you have to keep fighting,” director Uraaz Bahl told Vogue India.

The film is part of a movement designed to inspire young women to overcome social, cultural and physical obstacles preventing them from participating in sports.

It has already won multiple awards, including best documentary at the New York Film Festival and best inspirational at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Deepika Kumari won the Commonwealth Games in 2010, aged 16, finished second at the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015, and has competed at the last two Olympic Games. 

In 2016, she also received the Padma Shri, one of the highest civilian honours in India, for her contributions to Indian sport.

Ladies First is available worldwide for streaming via Netflix from 8 March 2018.