5 years of World Archery April Fools jokes

April Fools is a well-known tradition in European and North American culture, an opportunity on 1 April each year to deliver a harmless hoax and see how many people you can, well, fool.

At World Archery, we’ve been playing the April Fools game since 2014.

2014: Inverting the rings

Still the best to date – and we’ve even seen people trying it.


2015: Biggest fan

Because so many 10s!


2016: Four-vane minimum

More and more people are genuinely shooting four-plus vanes indoors.


2017: Less power

Possibly upset a few people…


2017: Schloesser switch

This could realistically happen.


2018: Speed shooting

A completely new discipline of archery?


Do you have an idea for next year? Tweet me @thecwells because my sense of humour is questionable at the best of times!