Olympic Day: Archery ideas for celebrating the day

Each year, 23 June is an opportunity for the sports movement to celebrate Olympic Day, the anniversary of the creation of the International Olympic Committee. More than a mark in the calendar, it is a day of activities with the aim of promoting the Olympic values and benefits of sport.

Here some archery ideas for celebrating Olympic Day in 2018.

1. Paris in Olympic mode

Building on the success of Olympic Day in 2017, the French Olympic and Sports Committee, the City of Paris and Paris 2024 will organise an area for Olympic and Paralympic federations to introduce their sport to the general public.

Archery will be located four kilometres from the Invalides, the Paris 2024 Olympic venue, along the Seine in an area that will also accommodate canoeing and kayaking, sailing and a relaxation area.

Archery initiations will be open to children from the age of eight and to people with disabilities, and mixed team exhibition matches at 18 metres are planned with athletes from the French junior national team.

2. open day

Girl Scouts of Colorado, El Paso County Parks and the Archery School of the Rockies organise a free archery event for young people aged seven and up at Bear Creek Regional Park, Colorado Springs, with USA certified coaches walking attendees through the basics.

3. Bring a friend

Possibly the best way to celebrate Olympic Day as an archer? Shoot a bunch of 10s… and give inspiration to a friend.

4. Get nostalgic

Olympic Day was started in 1948 to mark the founding of the modern Olympic Games 64 years earlier, on 23 June 1894, at the Sorbonne, Paris.

In the modern day, it is a worldwide celebration of Olympism and the ideals of the Olympic Movement, participated in by National Olympic Committees, national and international sports federations and other sports organisations. 

As 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of Olympic Day, the International Olympic Committee is celebrating through a new campaign called UnitedBy that will bring together stories, experiences and events from across the world and combine them with content created centrally to build a unified celebration of Olympic ideas and values. 

The campaign will also work to promote the Olympism in Action Forum taking place in Buenos Aires on 5-6 October, ahead of the Youth Olympic Games, and help collectively define what ‘Olympism’ means. 

Each year, Olympic Day is an excuse to get active, try sport and celebrate the Olympic values. Get involved throughout the rest of June with Olympic Day events around the world.