Field qualification results as 2019 European Masters Games begins in Torino

The 2019 European Masters Games got underway in Torino, Italy as 128 athletes from 24 countries took part in qualification as part of the field archery competition.

Germany’s Adolf Mohr (50+) with 328 and Laetitia Berlioz (30+) of France with her 339 points were top scorers in the recurve categories. The qualification round consisted of 12 marked and 12 unmarked targets set around the Parco del Castello.

“It’s been very good and hot,” said French barebow archer Sylvain Renard, who seeded fifth in the men’s 50+ event with 262 points. “A great course. It’s a fantastic atmosphere and environment with the masters.”

Italy’s Daniele Bellotti (40+) and Rita La Manna (30+) shot 335 and 213, respectively, the highest of the barebow archers.

Experienced Italian compatriots Giuseppe Seimandi, who has wielded both barebow and compound internationally, and Irene Franchini were the two compound archers to top 400 points. They are competing in the 30+ age group.

Three men and four women shot in a longbow division.

The Netherland’s Bart Paalvast (30+) led the men on 172 points; Italian archer Adelaide Nicolosi (50+) was the high-scoring woman with 139.

Multisport events for masters are open entry and held every year.

The World Masters Games, which next takes place in Japan in 2021, is scheduled every four years. In the three years in between each masters tournament, regional events take place in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

Entry is not restricted by region. Competitors at all four events come from across the world.

While World Archery’s official masters category starts at the age of 50, there are competitions for athletes aged from 30 years in Torino, split in increments of 10 years. 

There is one more day of the field competition before archery moves to the Satio Porcelli for the target events, in which a total of 312 athletes are registered to take part.

Gummi Gudjonsson is one of four Icelandic archers shooting both disciplines. Torino is his first time on a field course.

“I think most people, the four from Iceland, will be very happy,” he said. “It’s very friendly, very different from target [archery]. A lot of walking, talking and less shooting.”

Field archery has not yet gained a foothold in Iceland.

It is hoped to introduce the discipline by making at least a 12-target course available during the next national championships.

“We’re just going to start small because we need to build interest in it first,” he added.

The goal of the International Masters Games Association is to promote the benefits of competition and activity among older athletes. Upwards of 8000 people are expected to compete across 30 sports in Torino.

World Archery held its first world masters championships in 2018 in Lausanne.

The next world champion titles for masters archers will be awarded as part of the World Masters Games in Kansai, Japan in 2021.

The archery competitions at the 2019 European Masters Games take place on 31 July to 4 August in Torino, Italy.