Lancaster, Mathews win second season of Indoor World Series team competition

Squads from Lancaster Archery Supply and Mathews won the top prizes in the team competition for the 2020 Indoor Archery World Series.

The Lancaster recurve group, led by world number one Brady Ellison and featuring his US teammates Jack Williams and Casey Kaufhold, accrued 3405 ranking points. They had more than double the total of second-ranked Beiter.

Braden Gellenthien, James Lutz and Tanja Jensen put Mathews at the top of the compound ranking since scoring big at the fifth stage in Nimes. They held on in Vegas to win.

The team competition ran across the six events of the Indoor Archery World Series. At each stage, the team members’ elite ranking points were combined to give a team result. Each team’s top three results contributed to their team ranking.

World number one Ellison was the star of Lancaster’s squad.

He accounted for 2150 of the team’s 3405 points, including 1000 each for wins at the last two stages in Nimes and Vegas. He ended up with second place individually in the Indoor Archery World Series Finals, which did not contribute points to the team event.

Florian Kahllund and Cedric Rieger, both shooting for Beiter, finished first and third in the Finals. They also both had top-10 finishes at the last two stages, pushing the team – with solid results from Elena Richter – ahead of TRUBAll/Axcel and Wombat Consulting to second in the ranking.

The withdrawal of Korean pro squad Hyundai Mobis from Vegas hurt the chances of both Shibuya teams, which featured Kang Chae Young, Kim Surin and So Chaewon.

But with none of the compounders collecting big points at the notoriously difficult Vegas Shoot, Shibuya CP held on in third. TRUBAll/Axcel’s Alexis Ruiz, Mike Schloesser and Kris Schaff did not pick up enough points to catch Mathews for first – even though Schloesser did eventually take individual gold in the circuit finals.

The Indoor Archery World Series team competition is open to companies, clubs, national teams and scratch groups. Eleven teams took part in 2020.

Prizes for the winning teams, including the 1400 USD top prize, were presented after the Indoor Archery World Series Finals on 8 February in Las Vegas.

Indoor teams – 2020 final ranking

The team ranking combines the individual results of each team’s members.


  1. Lancaster Archery Supply (Brady Ellison, Casey Kaufhold, Jack Williams)
  2. Team Beiter (Florian Kahllund, Cedric Rieger, Elena Richter)
  3. TRUBall/Axcel Recurve (Crispin Duenas, Massimiliano Mandia, Gaby Bayardo)


  1. Mathews (Tanja Jensen, James Lutz, Braden Gellenthien)
  2. TRUBall/Axcel (Alexis Ruiz, Mike Schloesser, Kris Schaff)
  3. Shibuya CP (So Chaewon, Sergio Pagni, Dave Cousins)

The Indoor Archery World Series is a collection of mass-participation and elite tournaments held in destination cities around the world.