World Archery extends hiatus on international competition until 30 June

World Archery’s executive committee has extended the temporary delay of all international competition and development activities until the end of June.

The stoppage, originally announced to last until 30 April, was introduced in mid-March because of the rapidly worsening worldwide health crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Following the recent postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and with wide-ranging restrictions on travel and events still in force, the decision was made to provide immediate clarity on upcoming tournaments.

A strategy for rescheduling competitions in 2020 has also been approved.

World Archery intends to hold as many international events as possible during the remainder of this outdoor season so that athletes have an opportunity to compete on the world stage, and the federation can fulfil its obligations to broadcasters and partners.

However, events will only be rescheduled when the situation improves.

The new dates of any event will be announced no later than two months in advance, giving teams and athletes an adequate and equal period to prepare, and organisers a shortened but clear registration timeline.

For example, if an event is rescheduled to start on 1 July 2020, it will be announced no later than 1 May.

In the meantime, registration for all international events has been closed. World Archery staff will now work with the organisers of the tournaments that have been affected and potential future hosts to generate multiple options for a replacement calendar.

This will ensure that there is no delay in recommencing international competition as soon as the current public health crisis improves.

The executive committee expressed its support for the International Olympic Committee and Tokyo 2020’s decision to delay the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games. The competition hiatus has affected seven of archery’s quota tournaments.

It was decided that the qualification procedures would be reassessed when new principles are released and the calendar for the rest of this year is confirmed.

The suspension affects the following events scheduled for May and June:

There will also be a delay in announcing the calendar for the 2021 Indoor Archery World Series and beyond.

World Archery athletes’ committee chair Naomi Folkard said: “This is an unprecedented challenge for sport and a situation that changes daily. As an athlete, one of the most difficult things has been the uncertainty.”

“We all want to compete but we want to do so when we have had the time to train and when the event will take place in safe circumstances.”

“It’s difficult to hear that there won’t be any tournaments until after June. But it is the right choice to give this crisis time to heal and for everyone to prepare properly for when we can return to the competition field.”

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