World Archery initiates international archive collection drive

World Archery is organising a worldwide call for pieces of historically relevant archery content to add to its growing archive.

Photographs and videos are part of the search, alongside any particularly significant pieces of archery memorabilia related to major past events or successful athletes.

World Archery’s archive of images, items and results stretches back to the federation’s founding in 1931. However, the quantity of material that originates before the launch of the Hyundai Archery World Cup in 2006 is quite limited.

The goal of the drive is to remedy this.

Archers and fans of eras past are encouraged to dig into their own storage and see if they’re holding any material that has historical interest.

Anybody that does have content and wishes to either contribute or let us know what they possess – while keeping hold of it – can complete this archive form and return it to The more descriptive, the better.

The best pieces of archive material that are uncovered will be featured on the World Archery website.

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