Online league: 710 scores submitted in week one; week two available

World Archery’s Beat the Outbreak Online Archery League has now been running for a week. The Facebook group has grown to more than 4,500 members and a total of 710 scores were submitted through the internet form.

The target consisted of 15 spots, with archers of any style shooting one arrow in each over distances of up to five, eight, 10 or 18-plus metres. The maximum score was 75.

Five people shot perfect scores.

British compounders Hayden Ledwick, Neil Bridgewater, Simon Scott and Susan Corless, and recurve archer Molly Kate Nugent in the USA maxed the target at five or less metres.

Former World Archery Champion Seb Peineau was the top scorer over 18 metres, shooting 73 points.

Other international athletes to take part included the winner of the barebow men’s category at the last World Games Istvan Kakas (top scorer at up to five metres with 69 points) and Beijing 2008 Paralympic Champion John Stubbs (top compound scorer at eight metres with 74 points).

Filip Chun was the only barebow archer to submit a score for the target at 18 metres but managed an impressive 12 points.

The top scorers are listed below. A full list of submitted scores is available to view online. Archers are welcome to continue shooting and submitting scores for the first week’s target for as long as the league continues.

Week one results

Check the full list of submitted scores online.

Compound (339 entries)

  • 5 metres: Hayden Ledwick, Neil Bridgewater, Simon Scott and Susan Corless, Great Britain – 75 points
  • 8 metres: John Stubbs, Great Britain – 74 points
  • 10 metres: Oscar Orford, Great Britain – 74 points
  • 18 metres: Seb Peineau, France – 73 points

Recurve (225 entries)

  • 5 metres: Molly Kate Nugent, USA – 75 points
  • 8 metres: Aaron Craig, Great Britain – 72 points
  • 10 metres: Thomas Vaillant, France – 67 points
  • 18 metres: Aaron Craig, Great Britain – 51 points

Barebow (114 entries)

  • 5 metres: Istvan Kakas, Hungary – 69 points
  • 8 metres: Maryanto Karawang, Indonesia – 51 points
  • 10 metres: Mirek Háva, Czech Republic – 40 points
  • 18 metres: Filip Chun – Czech Republic – 12 points

Traditional (23 entries)

  • 5 metres: Pablo Alberto Vargas Pamilla, Mexico – 43 points
  • 8 metres: Robert Hahn, USA – 27 points
  • 10 metres: Pablo Alberto Vargas Pamilla, Mexico – 29 points

Longbow (5 entries)

  • 5 metres: Scott Williams, Great Britain – 25 points
  • 8 metres: Ben Ledwick, Great Britain – 24 points

Compound barebow (4 entries)

  • 5 metres: Jeremy Wilkens, USA – 54 points

Week two available

Week two runs until Sunday 5 April and the round consists of 15 arrows shot at of up to five, eight, 10 or 18-plus metres (whatever you’ve got available).

The target face has five spots – three arrows in each spot – and four rings, scoring one-four points. There are seven bonus white circles on each target, with different values.

The higher score applies on linecutters. Each white circle can only be hit once. (You can hit another circle of the same value, but not the same circle.) If a white circle is hit a second time, the value of the ring behind counts. The maximum score is 130.

At the end of the week, the top scorers at each distance and in each bowstyle will be recognised. The competition is friendly, it’s an open honesty rule system and the goal is for archers to compete with other archers even if it’s from the safety of their own homes.