World Archery improves in international federation good governance report

The Association of Summer Olympic International Federations has released its third governance report and World Archery has landed at the top of Group B.

World Archery scored 134 in the review, an increase on the 111 and 91 achieved in previous editions, and now comfortably exceeds the target of 120 set by the ASOIF governance taskforce.

The result is above average for federations with a staff size of less than 20 and a budget of less than eight million CHF. The improvement is also in line with the average moderated score increase across all federations.

World Archery was praised for the wide range of available information that is made available on its website – including having an accessible constitution and published audited accounts – and the improvements to the electoral process that were approved at the federation’s congress in 2019.

Some changes that were accepted during that assembly, like the introduction of an electoral board to assess candidatures, will come into effect for the committee and executive board elections in 2021 and 2023. This will result in further improvement.

A review of the code of ethics will be required soon, alongside an assessment of how the federation’s development funds that are externally allocated are then properly evaluated.

World Archery president Prof Dr Ugur Erdener said: “We’re pleased with the outcome of the governance review. We made significant progress since the last evaluation thanks to the work of our staff and support of our Member Associations in adopting several constitutional changes at our last congress.”

“Some of these changes are not yet fully implemented and we will continue to identify and act on areas that can still be improved. We are committed to making World Archery a strong example of good governance in the Olympic movement.”

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