35 athletes selected to receive grants totalling 190,000 USD from COVID-19 fund

Thirty-five international athletes will receive grants from World Archery and the Foundation for Global Sports Development’s COVID-19 fund. A total of 190,000 USD will be distributed in amounts of between 1500 and 7500 USD per athlete.

The fund was made available by the Foundation for Global Sports Development solely for the purpose of financially assisting archers whose income had been lessened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some 122 archers submitted applications and 40 were accepted for the second phase of assessment.

Following evaluation by the selection committee, 35 athletes representing 19 countries and four continents were selected to receive grants. The final list includes two para archers, while 43% of the total amount will go to women.

Applicants were required to have competed internationally in 2018 or 2019, prove they had lost significant income and propose how the money would be spent. Each archer’s recent results and the availability of alternative funding were also taken into account.

The full list of athletes who will receive a grant is as follows (listed alphabetically):

Audrey Adiceom (France), Steve Anderson (USA), Rok Bizjak (Slovenia), Domagoj Buden (Croatia), Chen Yi-Hsuan (Chinese Taipei), Cassidy Cox (USA), Rajat Chauhan (India), Sajeev De Silva (Sri Lanka), Crispin Duenas (Canada), Huang I-Jou (Chinese Taipei), Khatuna Lorig (USA), Andrea Marcos (Spain), Alexandra Mirca (Moldova), Tate Morgan (USA), Linda Ochoa-Anderson (USA), Sergio Pagni (Italy), Paige Pearce (USA), Seb Peineau (France), Lasha Pkhakadze (Georgia), Pierre Plihon (France), Sarah Prieels (Belgium), Alexis Ruiz (USA), Aman Saini (India), Mike Schloesser (Netherlands), Ruman Shana (Bangladesh), Matt Stutzman (USA), Adam Taylor (Ireland), Marcella Tonioli (Italy), Mario Vavro (Croatia), Rick van der Ven (Netherlands), Maria Andrea Virgilio (Italy), Danelle Wentzel (South Africa), Steve Wijler (Netherlands), Reo Wilde (USA) and Jack Williams (USA).

Foundation for Global Sports Development chair of the board Steven Ungerleider said: “World Archery has integrity and important outreach to its athletes and their training needs. We are very pleased to support them with this fund.”

World Archery secretary general Tom Dielen said: “The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a wide-reaching economic impact. We are proud to have played a part in mitigating the financial loss of some of our international athletes, particularly those whose income is significantly damaged by the lack of available competitions.”