Wieser’s 598 headlines results over first online stage of Indoor Archery World Series

The results for the inaugural remote stage of the Indoor Archery World Series are now official.

Standing out from the approximately 2000 archers listed across six competition categories was Germany’s Felix Wieser, whose 598-point round led more than 630 recurve men as perhaps the most impressive score shot over the weekend of 21-22 November 2020.

“This is my personal best,” Wieser said. “Before that it was 591 points at Nimes in 2019. I always admired archers with such scores, and now I’ve shot it, too.”

Wieser shot two halves of 299 points. He dropped his first arrow out of the 10-ring with his 30th shot of the first half.

The 27-year-old, who competed for the German national team in 2019, shot his 60-arrow 18-metre round at his club, FSG Tacherting. This new format for the indoor mass-participation circuit gives archers the opportunity to compete internationally from their home ranges.

“It was pretty cool,” he said. “I thought it would feel like a normal training for me. But when I started, I felt some nervousness. Even though I was at home, I really enjoyed it.”

London 2012 Olympic Champion Oh Jin Hyek ranked second in the recurve men’s event with 596 points. French international Thomas Chirault placed third with 594.

The recurve women’s event was led by 14-year-old Oh Jung Ah, a high school student in Korea, who scored 587 points to beat Mexico’s Aida Roman by one. Another Korean student, Jung Dayoung, and Germany’s Lisa Unruh tied at 584 for third.

Stas Modic led the compound men with 598. Four archers – Enzo Ackx, Choi Yonghee, Jason Goedken and Kim Jongho – tied for second, two points behind.

Internationals Sarah Prieels of Belgium and Marcella Tonioli of Italy shared the top spot on the compound women's list with a field-leading 590 points.

Brazilian Paralympian Jane Karla Gogel finished one point behind with a 589.

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Barebow categories were added for the first time to the open ranking for the Indoor Archery World Series. Results from nearly 400 barebow archers were recorded from this first stage of the remote circuit.

Five-time World Archery Field Champion Erik Jonsson and Italy’s reigning World Games Champion Cinzia Noziglia topped the leaderboards.

“On the entry list, I see barebow entries from a lot of different nations. This is a good thing,” Noziglia said. “We are increasing, thanks to World Archery introducing barebow to target archery.”

“In the future, I’m certain the number of barebows will reach the number of recurve and compound archers.”

Jonsson was 14 points clear of his nearest competitor, Fredrik Lundmark, with 569.

To put that into perspective, the Swede outscored all but 92 of the recurve men who took part in this online tournament. (Barebows shoot the same target, distance and format indoors as recurvers.)

The winning women’s score was 534. Noziglia pipped Lina Bjorklund, the reigning World Archery Field Champion and Jonsson’s partner, to the top spot by two points. Third and fourth went to fellow Swedish archers Maria Dahlen and Lena Terning, respectively.

“I’m very proud even to be top, even if I’m not totally satisfied with my scores,” added the women’s leader. “I enjoyed a lot this event. This is an unusual moment for people all over the world and for archers, too. I think this event helps us to maintain our competition spirits until the real events start again.”


Scoring for this first stage of the 2021 Indoor Archery World Series was split into three geographical areas: the Americas, Europe/Africa and Asia/Oceania. Here are the top scorers in each region.


*Philippines archer Riley Silos also competed in this timezone, scoring 588.



Score control

Every score submitted for the first online stage of the Indoor Archery World Series was checked by competition control in Lausanne. (This is why there has been a short delay in officially announcing the winners.)

Unfortunately, results that did not comply with the circuit rules were rejected (those archers have received an email notification).

The most common reasons for rejection included:

  • Lack of (or incomplete) photos of scorecards or targets.
  • Incorrect target face; either compound scoring the 4-centimetre, 10-ring (rather than the 2-centimetre, 10-ring) or the use of an unlicensed target.
  • Arrow impacts clearly not matching with submitted score.

Archers whose paper scorecard did not match their electronic scorecard were not penalised. The electronic results were corrected.

Any participant who received a notification of rejection but is unclear about the reason can contact competition control for an explanation.

What’s next?

The second remote stage of the 2021 Indoor Archery World Series will take place on 18-20 December 2020 and be accompanied by an invitational event, again run in Switzerland. Entries for the online tournament are now open through OpenWAREOS.

Read more about how the circuit works, how clubs can participate and follow scores from stage one online.

The 2021 Indoor Archery World Series is a mass-participation circuit of live and online archery tournaments.