Preview: 5000+ worldwide to shoot in second online stage of Indoor World Series

This year’s online incarnation of the Indoor Archery World Series is already a resounding success.

Nearly 3000 archers registered for the first stage in November, with over 2000 scores ratified for the results, and more than 5000 people have entered the second, which runs on 18-20 December 2020.

Felix Wieser, Oh Jung Ah, Stas Modic, Sarah Prieels and Marcella Tonioli, Erik Jonsson and Cinzia Noziglia lead the open rankings after one event. All seven will return for the second stage to defend their positions at the top – and Wieser will be taking part in our live invitational tournament in Lausanne.

The open ranking lists archers on the total of their best three scores over the season.

Malaysia and Indonesia have the most archers entered into the second stage of this remote circuit, with 578 and 511, respectively, followed by the USA at 253.

The elite portion of this year’s international indoor circuit is the team competition.

Teams can still register until the end of this year – the deadline is midnight CET on 31 December – but only have to shoot in one event to be ranked and have a shot at qualifying for the team-only remote Indoor Archery World Series Finals in February, when World Archery is guaranteeing a prize fund of 10,000 CHF.

A Dutch Olympic squad consisting of Steve Wijler, Gaby Schloesser and Sjef van den Berg leads the recurve list; the compound event is led by Estonians Lisell Jaatma, Meeri-Marita Paas and Robin Jaatma.

However, defending recurve team champion Lancaster is among the teams to have registered ahead of this weekend’s second stage.

Online event

As per the first event, each score will be submitted in one of three time zones: Asia/Oceania (UTC+8), Europe/Africa (UTC+1) and the Americas (UTC-5).

However, from this stage onward, the competition will run longer – starting at 08h00 on Friday and closing at 20h00 on Sunday in each time zone. (Archers have to shoot their 60-arrow 18-metre round during those times in the time zone they have chosen.)

Results will be available to view online as they are submitted.

Archers shooting in the team events must participate in a registered event to have their score count – and archers shooting at non-registered venues must submit pictures of their scorecard and any targets used (which must be clean before shooting the round) to competition control for approval.

Any targets used must be World Archery-licensed 40-centimetre faces – with a 2-centimetre diameter 10-ring for compounds, and a 4-centimetre diameter 10-ring for recurves and barebows – but can be a single spot, vertical triple spot or triangular triple spot.

Here are some of the bigger names registered to take part this weekend.

Recurve men: Brady Ellison, USA; Tom Hall, Great Britain; Florian Unruh, Germany; Artem Makhnenko, Russia; Mauro Nespoli, Italy; and Oh Jin Hyek, Korea.

Recurve women: Audrey Adiceom, France; Yasemin Anagoz, Turkey; Tatiana Andreoli, Italy; Karma, Bhutan; and Casey Kaufhold, USA.

Compound men: Sebastian Arenas, Colombia; Anton Bulaev, Russia; Evren Cagiran, Turkey; Paul Marton de la Cruz, Philippines; Stephan Hansen, Denmark; Federico Pagnoni, Italy; Kris Schaff, USA; and Reo Wilde, USA.

Compound women: Natalia Avdeeva, Russia; Sophie Dodemont, France; Irene Franchini, Italy; Ella Gibson, Great Britain; Linda Ochoa-Anderson, USA; and Alexis Ruiz, USA.

Barebow men: John Demmer III, USA; Alessio Noceti, Italy; and Martin Ottosson, Sweden.

Barebow women: Kirsi Andstrom, Finland; Elizabeth Hole, Australia; and Eleonora Strobbe, Italy.

If you’re shooting this weekend, share your stories on social media using the hashtags #archery, #IndoorWorldSeries and #BacktoArchery.

Lausanne Invitational

This month’s invitational tournament is taking place at the World Archery Excellence Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland. There is space available for up to 32 athletes to compete under the health restrictions that will ensure everyone remains safe.

It’s double the number of archers we could have at the November event and one more step toward getting #BacktoArchery and back to normal after the pandemic.

Alongside some people local to Switzerland, athletes from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Denmark will attend this event. Invitations were distributed based largely on the open rankings after the first stage.

They will shoot both their 60-arrow 18-metre round for the Indoor Archery World Series and participate in a head-to-head bracket afterward. The finals will be streamed live across World Archery’s digital platforms.

There’s a small prize pot available – and watches for the winners provided by timekeeping sponsor Longines.

Lausanne line-up

Position in the Indoor Archery World Series open ranking after the first stage given in brackets.

Recurve men: Felix Wieser, Germany (1); Thomas Chirault, France (3); Steve Wijler, Netherlands (5); Jonathan Vetter, Germany (7); Florian Unruh, Germany (28); Florian Faber, Switzerland (38); Thomas Rufer, Switzerland (50); and Keziah Chabin, Switzerland (162).

The top scorer in the recurve events during stage one, Wieser, has much to live up to at this official tournament. He shot last month’s score in the comfort of his own club. Chirault, Wijler and Unruh (née Kahllund) will all make this interesting.

Recurve women: Lisa Unruh, Germany (3); Gaby Schloesser, Netherlands (5); Lisa Barbelin, France (5); Denisa Barankova, Slovakia (10); Melanie Gaubil, France (13); Simone Gerster, Switzerland (18); Katharina Bauer, Germany (not ranked); and Liliana Licari, Switzerland (not ranked). 

Schloesser dominated the first invitational event in November – but Olympic silver medallist Unruh is unlikely to let the Dutch archer have things so easy this time around. French archers Barbelin and Gaubil both have significant international experience.

Compound men: Enzo Ackx, Belgium (2); Nicolas Girard, France (6); Alexis Tombul, France (6); Jozef Bosansky, Slovakia (9); Mike Schloesser, Netherlands (11); Martin Damsbo, Denmark (14); Patrizio Hofer, Switzerland (43); and Roman Haefelfinger, Switzerland (76).

Reigning Indoor Archery World Series Champion Schloesser has stiff competition from French duo Tombul and Girard. Ackx shot 596 out of 600 points for stage one. Bosansky has made the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final before – and Damsbo won that event in 2013. 

Compound women: Lola Grandjean, France (4); Martina Zikmundova, Czech Republic (14); Clemence Fraigneau, France (21); Anne-Marie Studer, Switzerland (21); Erika Damsbo, Denmark (28); Clementine de Giuli, Swizerland (33); and Meeri-Marita Paas, Estonia (43).

Top-ranked Grandjean made her debut for France at the Universiade in Napoli in 2019 and is just 20 years old. Although lowest in the open rankings of our seven-woman compound line-up, Paas was impressive when she won our first invitational event in Wohlen last month.

What’s next?

The third remote stage of the 2021 Indoor Archery World Series will take place on 15-17 January 2021 and be accompanied by an invitational event, likely to be held at the World Archery Excellence Centre in Switzerland for the second month running. Entries for the online tournament are now being accepted through OpenWAREOS.

Read more about how the circuit works, how clubs can participate and follow scores from the second stage online.

The 2021 Indoor Archery World Series is a mass-participation circuit of live and online archery tournaments.