Rushmore Rumble results after first 60 arrows; 34 still clean

Chris Perkins shooting during the shootdown at the Vegas Shoot in 2020.

Chris Perkins, Jacob Pettit, Tanja Jensen, Brady Ellison, Layel Hofmaster, Jeff Ogilvie and Christina Lyons were top scorers over the first 60 arrows at the Rushmore Rumble. With the compound results normalised, these 60 arrows are the portion of the event that will count toward the fourth remote stage of the 2021 Indoor Archery World Series.

The international circuit is a World Archery event. The Rushmore Rumble, like the Vegas Shoot that it is replacing in the calendar, is run to National Field Archery Association rules.

All archers shoot at the same size target over 18 metres, but compound archers use the 4-centimetre middle ring to score 10 points and the 2-centimetre ring, which is 10 under World Archery rules, to score an X. The Xs are counted as 10s to normalise the scores.

World Archery’s member federation in the States, USA Archery, is endorsing the results of the Rushmore Rumble to allow the event’s inclusion in the international tour.

Perkins, who was World Archery Champion in 2011, and Pettit both shot 600s, with 57 Xs under tournament scoring, which translates to 597 points under World Archery rules, to lead the 34 men who remained clean on the big 10 over the first 60 arrows. The competition in Yankton will follow the same format as Vegas, with all those still perfect after 90 arrows entering a final championship shootdown for the top prize.

Youth archers scoring at the targets at the Rushmore Rumble in 2020.

Tanja Jensen trailed new mother Toja Ellison in the Rushmore Rumble leaderboard.

The Danish compound woman dropped a big 10 but shot six more Xs, 51 in total, for a 591. Ellison’s 600 45X gives her a 585 to count toward the circuit ranking.

Much of the focus of the Rushmore Rumble is on the compound competitions. Like Vegas, the compound open championship is the main event with the largest cash prize. (Although it’s 5000 USD in Yankton, rather than 50,000+ USD in Vegas.) Some 107 of the 700-plus archers taking part are shooting in that category. However, there are recurves and barebows, too.

Three-time Olympian Brady Ellison shot 590 points for his first 60 arrows. It’ll count as his worst result of this indoor season, having shot back-to-back 598s for the remote stages in December and January. It likely opens the door for someone else to take the recurve men’s circuit title.

Layel Hofmaster’s 533 was top of the recurve women in Yankton.

Jeff Ogilvie with 546 and Christina Lyons with 478 had the top barebow men’s and barebow women’s scores, respectively, that will count toward this fourth and last stage of the Indoor Archery World Series.

The results from the Rushmore Rumble will be combined with the online stage when the remote tournament has closed at 20h00 in the Americas time zone (UTC-5) on Sunday.

The 2021 Indoor Archery World Series is a mass-participation circuit of live and online archery tournaments.