Updated qualification procedure published for postponed Birmingham 2022 World Games

Kris Schaff shoots during the World Games in 2017.

World Archery has released updated qualification procedures for the Birmingham 2022 World Games following the event’s one-year postponement and ahead of the upcoming international season.

There are two archery competitions on the programme of the World Games. Compound archers compete in individual and mixed team target archery events, while recurve and barebow archers compete in individual field archery events.

The process of assigning quota places for both disciplines has changed significantly.

Most of the quota places for the field archery events were initially intended to be assigned based on the results of the Yankton 2020 World Archery Field Championships but this tournament was postponed until 2022 and could no longer be used.

Instead, a qualification tournament will now be held alongside the European Field Archery Championships on 5-12 September in Zagreb, Croatia. It will be open to all countries, not just those from Europe, and will distribute 10 of the 12 quota places available in each category, to a maximum of one per country.

One place in each category is still reserved for the host nation, the USA. The last spot will remain with the country of the reigning world champion. These two places are exempt from the quota maximum.

Oonuki Wataru of Japan, Lisa Unruh of Germany and Sweden’s Erik Jonsson and Lina Bjorklund are the reigning World Archery Field Champions.

Most of the quota places for the target archery events were initially intended to be assigned across continental qualifiers and the world ranking list at the end of 2020. The continental qualification tournaments remain in place however the world ranking will no longer be used.

Instead, 10 quota places in each category will now be awarded on the results of the Yankton 2021 Hyundai World Archery Championships in September.

Two quota places are still reserved for the host country – one able-bodied and one para athlete – and one will be awarded to the compound men’s open champion at the postponed Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

The upcoming European Championships in Antalya and the world ranking event in Medellin, Colombia have been confirmed as continental qualifiers. The events in Asia and Africa are yet to be confirmed. The places for Oceania will be awarded on the world ranking list.

It was announced in March that Avondale Park would host the archery competitions at the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, USA.

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