Positive test cancelled Marcos’ trip to Guatemala, but she’s back for Lausanne

Andrea Marcos shoots at the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in 2017.

Andrea Marcos was supposed to go to Guatemala City for the opening stage of the Hyundai Archery World Cup.

But a PCR test, taken the day before her trip so that she could board the plane in Spain, came back positive. A year-plus wait for a return to the international circuit was extended another month as the 32-year-old was confined to her house.

“I’m a physiotherapist, so I’m in touch with many patients. I take a PCR test every three weeks, and I tested positive exactly when I didn’t want to,” she explains.

“Fortunately, I’m vaccinated and I didn’t have any symptoms. I was confined in my house until the following Wednesday, when I got a negative PCR result. I honestly spent the quarantine sunbathing in the garden of my house drinking good wine.”

It’s certainly not the worst outcome possible – but it’s still not how Marcos, the reigning European Champion, who has been working belligerently on improving her body and mind during the pandemic, intended to spend the week while her teammates competed in Latin America.

“I suffered a lot mentally. I had my luggage packed for Guatemala. I had prepared really well, and I felt I was shooting great,” she admits.

“It was sad not going.”

Spain had something of an historic result – as a squad – at the season opener.

Daniel Castro picked up an individual silver, and the Spanish men’s team took its first gold medal on the Hyundai Archery World Cup, dealing the USA an impressive loss in the final.

It could have been better, though. All signs point toward Andrea being one of the most prepared athletes to emerge from the hiatus.

She’s lost weight. She’s gained strength. And, if her Instagram is anything to go by – she’s gained points, too.

“It’s been some very long and tough months. Training without a goal or competitions is very hard. I work alone, I live alone and I train alone,” she says. “Getting back to competition with the Spanish national team is a gift. It’s an honour to wear the colours of my country and work every day so when that moment arrives, I can give my 100%.”

That moment arrives soon.

Andrea Marcos is in action at the second stage of the 2021 Hyundai Archery World Cup, which starts with qualification on Tuesday in Lausanne.