Indoor World Series opens to local competitions in 2022

Header for 2022 Indoor Archery World Series.

The Indoor Archery World Series returns in 2022 – not as an online event, like last season, but open to tournaments at the local level.

There will be the traditional major stages in Nimes and Las Vegas in January and February, the results of which will count towards the elite ranking and qualify archers for the Indoor Archery World Series Finals, which will also be held in Vegas as normal.

But this season, for the first time, any world record status event can join the circuit – and results from these local tournaments will count towards the open ranking.

It costs 50 CHF plus 1 CHF per archer for a competition to register for the series. Archers then simply need to register for the event as normal (not directly to World Archery.) Results must then be submitted by organisers in simple spreadsheet format within 48 hours of completion.

Archers can take part in as many competitions as they would like between 1 November 2021 and 6 February 2022 – with the best three 60-arrow 18-metre round results shot at registered events between these dates counting towards the open ranking. The rankings will be updated monthly.

Barebow has been retained as an official category this season, alongside recurve and compound.

There will be no team competition in 2022.

Tournament organisers can register their event for the Indoor Archery World Series through the online form (this must be done before the event takes place), as well as access logo and result submission files.

A list of open events registered to the series is also available.

The scores of archers competing at the Nimes Archery Tournament and Vegas Shoot (first two days only) will automatically be counted for the open ranking.

Calendar: 2022 Indoor Archery World Series

The following events count towards the elite ranking. Tournaments registered for the open ranking are available in the online tracker.

  • Nimes Archery Tournament – 21-23 January 2022
  • Vegas Shoot – 4-5 February 2022
  • Indoor Archery World Series Finals – 5 February 2022