Triangular targets for Indoor World Series matchplay in 2022

A triangular triple-spot indoor target.

Updated with clarification on Wednesday 12 January 2022.

Some matches in the series championship categories (recurve and compound) at the Nimes Tournament and Indoor Archery World Series Finals in 2022 will take place on triangular triple-spot target faces rather than the normal vertical format.

The change is being made for broadcast.

Triangular targets, which are printed on a square piece of paper, are a better fit for horizontal television screens than indoor archery’s traditional vertical target. This was evident during the Lockdown Knockout and virtual Indoor Archery World Series events held in 2020 and 2021.

Vertical triple spots will remain in use for qualifying and eliminations this year in Nimes, with triangular targets used only for broadcast finals.

The Vegas Shoot, which hosts the Indoor Archery World Series Finals, already uses triangular targets in its main event. These faces, which comply with National Field Archery Association rules, differ slightly in appearance (but not dimensions) to World Archery’s licensed triangular targets. The latter will be used for eliminations and finals during the Indoor Archery World Series Finals.

This season’s Indoor Archery World Series is open to local record status tournaments around the globe. The scores of all archers who compete and registered competitions count towards the series’ open ranking.

Elite ranking points, which are only available in Nimes and Las Vegas this season, are used to qualify for the Indoor Archery World Series Finals.

The use of triangular faces will be evaluated after the season.

Phase Nimes Las Vegas
Qualifying Vertical Triangular (NFAA)
Matchplay Vertical Triangular (World Archery)
Finals Triangular (World Archery) Triangular (World Archery)