Jane Gogel shoots new para world record of 591/600 in Nimes

Jane Gogel shoots at the Nimes Archery Tournament.

Brazilian compounder Jane Karla Gogel has become the first female para archer to break 590 for the 60-arrow 18-metre qualifying round, scoring 591 for a new world record and top seed this morning at the Nimes Archery Tournament.

“This is my fourth serious indoor tournament and I’ve broken the record three times,” said Jane.

The two-time Paralympian broke the record at three consecutive events during the 2020 season of the Indoor Archery World Series, first setting it at 575, then 577 and finally 582.

It was then claimed by Italy’s Maria Andrea Virgilio with a 583 in early 2021.

“I’m happy to have it back,” said Jane. “I was hoping to go to Vegas, too, and try my luck on the 900, too, but unfortunately [the world para championships in] Dubai is at the same time and we’ve chosen to go there.”

Jane Gogel celebrates a new world record in Nimes.

Felix Wieser (596) and Tatiana Andreoli (585) took top seeds in the recurve events in Nimes.

After all four sessions of qualifying, there was a three-way tie to lead the compound men’s competition. World numbers one and two Mike Schloesser and Mathias Fullerton, as well as former world champion Stephan Hansen, scored 597.

Schloesser, who is also the reigning Indoor Archery World Series Champion since the last circuit finals were held in 2020, won the coin flip for pole.

Competition continues this afternoon in the series championship categories with eliminations down to the semifinals at the Nimes Archery Tournament.

The finals are scheduled for tomorrow afternoon (Sunday 23 January) after the under-21 medal matches in the morning.

Top seeds