Statement on crisis in Ukraine and world para championships

Targets at the world para championships.

World Archery has issued the following statement with regard to the crisis in Ukraine and its impact on the athletes currently competing at the World Archery Para Championships in Dubai:

“World Archery condemns any act that endangers or causes loss of lives. There is no place in this world for war or violence.”

“It is saddening that the crisis in Ukraine means this topic must be addressed while, at the same time, there are such inspiring examples of human positivity and community on display at the World Archery Para Championships.”

“World Archery is monitoring the developing situation, while staff in Dubai are supporting the athletes and officials affected by the crisis, and will continue to work with Ukraine’s delegation throughout the remainder of the championships.”

“Any para athletes from Russia competing at the event are already doing so as individuals under the flag of the Russian Archery Federation. These archers are not responsible for the acts of a government and still deserve the opportunity to showcase their training, talent and years of dedication on the competition field.”

“The thoughts of the entire archery community are with everybody affected by the current and developing crisis. We all hope that peace quickly prevails.”

Earlier today, the International Olympic Committee issued the following statement:

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) strongly condemns the breach of the Olympic Truce by the Russian government. The respective UN resolution was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 2 December 2021 by consensus of all 193 UN Member States. The Olympic Truce began seven days before the start of the Olympic Games, on 4 February 2022, and ends seven days after the closing of the Paralympic Games.

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