Line-up announced for archery at the Birmingham 2022 World Games

Archers at the target during the 2017 World Games.

The final list of archers who will compete at next week’s World Games has been released.

Nations had to win quota places for the event at qualifying events held over the past couple of years and through the world ranking. There were a total of 100 spaces available, 52 in the compound competitions split equally for men and women, and 12 each for recurve men, recurve women, barebow men and barebow women.

Compound archers compete in 50-metre target archery events at the World Games, while barebow and recurve archers compete in field archery events.

The largest team in Birmingham will be from the host nation with 11 athletes. The USA received one spot in each event automatically for holding the event and supplemented that allowance with additional qualifiers, including receiving a para ticket for Ben Thompson.

China’s He Zihao and Great Britain’s Phoebe Pine returned spots awarded for winning the last Paralympics. Phoebe’s was passed to the runner-up in Tokyo, Mariana Zuniga, making her – as far as World Archery’s records show – the first Chilean archer to ever compete at the World Games.

The teams

Number of athletes per category given. CM = compound men; CW = compound women; CX = compound mixed team; RM = recurve men; RW = recurve women; BM = barebow men; BW = barebow women.

Nation Total CW CM CX RM RW BM BW
AUS flag Australia 3 1         1 1
AUT flag Austria 1 1            
BEL flag Belgium 1   1          
CAN flag Canada 1 1            
CHI flag Chile 1   1          
COL flag Colombia 3 1 2 1        
CRO flag Croatia 2   1   1      
CZE flag Czech Republic 2       1 1    
DEN flag Denmark 1 1 1 1        
ESA flag El Salvador 1 1 1 1        
EST flag Estonia 1 1            
FIN flag Finland 1             1
FRA flag France 6 2     1 1 1 1
GER flag Germany 6 1     1 2 1 1
GBR flag Great Britain 5   1   1 1 1 1
HUN flag Hungary 1           1  
IND flag India 4 2 2 1        
IRI flag Iran 2 1 1 1        
IRL flag Ireland 1             1
ITA flag Italy 4       1 1 1 1
JPN flag Japan 1       1      
KAZ flag Kazakhstan 1 1            
KOR flag Korea 4 2 2 1        
MEX flag Mexico 2 1 1 1        
NED flag Netherlands 4 1 2 1   1    
NZL flag New Zealand 3 1 2 1        
NOR flag Norway 1           1  
POL flag Poland 1 1            
PUR flag Puerto Rico 1   1          
SVK flag Slovakia 2 1       1    
SLO flag Slovenia 5   1   1 1 1 1
RSA flag South Africa 4 2 2 1        
ESP flag Spain 4   1   1   1 1
SWE flag Sweden 6       1 1 2 2
SUI flag Switzerland 1         1    
USA flag USA 11 3 3 1 2 1 1 1
Total (athletes) 100 26 26 11 12 12 12 12


The line-up

Compound men: Pat Coghlan, Australia; Nico Wiener, Austria; Chris Perkins, Canada; Daniel Munoz, Colombia; Mathias Fullerton, Denmark; Roberto Hernandez, El Salvador; Robin Jaatma, Estonia; Jean Philippe Boulch and Adrien Gontier, France; Tim Krippendorf, Germany; Aman Saini and Abhishek Verma, India; Ramezan Biabani, Iran; Sergey Khristich, Kazakhstan; Kim Taeyoon and Yun Youngjun, Korea; Miguel Becerra, Mexico; Mike Schloesser, Netherlands; Riku van Tonder, New Zealand; Lukasz Przybylski, Poland; Jozef Bosansky, Slovakia; Beyers de Klerk and Folkers Herholdt, South Africa; Braden Gellenthien, Ben Thompson and James Lutz, USA.

Compound women: Sarah Prieels, Belgium; Mariana Zuniga, Chile; Sara Lopez and Alejandra Usquiano, Colombia; Amanda Mlinaric, Croatia; Tanja Gellenthien, Denmark; Sofia Paiz, El Salvador; Ella Gibson, Great Britain; Muskan Kirar and Jyothi Surekha Vennam, India; Geesa Bybordy, Iran; Sim Sooin and Ryu Yein, Korea; Andrea Becerra, Mexico; Sanne de Laat and Jody Beckers, Netherlands; Elizabeth Randle and Lisa Walker, New Zealand; Paola Ramirez, Puerto Rico; Toja Ellison, Slovenia; Jeanine van Kradenburg and Gerda Roux, South Africa; Andrea Munoz, Spain; Paige Pearce, Linda Ochoa-Anderson and Wendy Gardner, USA.

Recurve men: Alen Remar, Croatia; Tadeas Kalvas, Czech Republic; Sam Herlicq, France; Florian Unruh, Germany; Patrick Huston, Great Britain; Marco Morello, Italy; Oonuki Wataru, Japan; Den Habjan, Slovenia; Carlos Iglesias, Spain; Jonathan Andersson, Sweden; Matt Nofel and Brady Ellison, USA.

Recurve women: Jindriska Vaneckova, Czech Republic; Laurena Villard, France; Daniela Klesmann and Elisa Tartler, Germany; Bryony Pitman, Great Britain; Chiara Rebagliati, Italy; Gaby Schloesser, Netherlands; Denisa Barankova, Slovakia; Ana Umer, Slovenia; Erika Jangnas, Sweden; Valentine de Giuli, Switzerland; and Molly Nugent, USA.

Barebow men: Alois Steinwender, Austria; David Jackson, France; Michael Meyer, Germany; James Annall, Great Britain; Jozsef Molnar, Hungary; Giuseppe Seimandi, Italy; Lars Sorlie, Norway; Iztok Spinelli, Slovenia; David Garcia, Spain; Erik Jonsson and Leo Pettersson, Sweden; and Ryan Davis, USA.

Barebow women: Andrea Payer, Austria; Anne Viljanen, Finland; Christine Gauthe, France; Martina Boscher, Germany; Victoria Williams, Great Britain; Orla O’Conner, Ireland; Cinzia Noziglia, Italy; Tina Gutman, Slovenia; Ana Maria Cano, Spain; Lina Bjorklund and Stine Asell, Sweden; and Christina Lyons, USA.