Brady and Toja Ellison have bows stolen in home break-in

Brady Ellison’s quiver has been stolen.

World number two Brady Ellison posted a video message on his Instagram profile saying that archery equipment owned by him and his wife, Toja Ellison, was stolen from his basement at home in Billings, Montana overnight on 21 November.

Championship-winning bows were among the items taken, as well as clearly customised equipment like the quiver pictured.

The long-time US international appealed to the community to watch for second-hand sales of archery gear – particularly things easily recognisable as belonging to the internationally decorated couple.

Brady’s message in full:

“Gonna post this out there and maybe you guys can help us out.”

“Basement just got broken into. All of our archery stuff just got stolen. Quivers, bows, bowcases… every piece of shooting equipment. My fishing poles, golf clubs, all the things in boxes. If you guys keep a lookout, you guys see anything, do anything like that, just keep a watch out.”

“Our recurves, our hunting bows… just all of our equipment has gone. My quiver, if you guys see that pop up somewhere, you know whose that it. It’s the only one in the world.”

“If you guys could keep a lookout for a bunch of tournament stuff that Toja and I have shot over the years, if you guys could call the police. Don’t get yourselves in trouble, but let the authority know, I’d sure appreciate it.”