5 biggest archery events to look forward to in 2023

The USA women celebrate winning an Olympic quota in 2021.

It’s the start of a new year with a new (and pretty exciting) slate of international archery events.

During the course of 2023, we’ll have three world championships, numerous continental title and multisport events and – importantly – the start of the qualifying period for the next Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Here are some of the most important tournaments to look forward to this year.

Archery at Invalides – an artist’s impression.

1. Olympic test event

For the first time in 2023, we’ll have an idea of how the archery venue will look and feel at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The finals at this year’s Hyundai Archery World Cup stage in the French capital will take place at Invalides, acting as the test event for the next Games.

Dates: 15-20 August

2. Student Games

The World University Games – formerly Universiade – bring together students from around the world.

They’ve become particularly popular for archers, with many of the sport’s emergent young stars being of university age. (And many of archery’s contemporary big winners being student athletes.) It’s been a few years since the Games were held due to pandemic delays – Chengdu was originally supposed to host in 2021.

Now set days before the world championships in 2023, it’ll be interesting to see how many archers double up and do both.

Dates: 27-31 July

3. Hermosillo

Back-to-back years in Mexico for the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final. The country has become somewhat legendary for hosting excellent archery arenas – with the Mexican crowd guaranteed to be out in force.

Especially so in Hermosillo, the hometown of Olympic medallist Alejandra Valencia. The home team will be particularly well supported.

Dates: 9-10 September

4. The Asian Games

Of all the continental events taking place in 2023 (and there are plenty), the Asian Games are the largest.

Originally scheduled to take place in 2022 but delayed one year due to the pandemic, the event has more competitors than the Olympics themselves – including many of archery’s top nations.

(Korea, Chinese Taipei, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan…)

China will return to the arena this season. With this major on home soil in Hangzhou, expect an exciting tussle for podiums. 

Dates: 1-8 October

The Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

5. The worlds

The most important archery-only competition on the calendar becomes all-the-more crucial in a pre-Olympic year as it acts as the primary qualification event for the Games.

And this time around, as well as world titles being awarded in front of the cameras, every quota place critical moment will be televised, too.

The venue in Berlin – on the walk up to the Olympic Stadium – promises a dramatic backdrop to an event full of drama.

Dates: 1-6 August

Calendar highlights in 2023

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  • 1-5 November: Pan American Games – Santiago, Chile
  • 4-12 November: Asian Championships – Bangkok, Thailand