Hicks, 16, collects third adult world record with 572 at 18 metres

Ollie Hicks shoots 572 points for 18-metre round.

Less than two weeks after beating the senior world record for the 60-arrow 25-metre indoor round, 16-year-old British barebow archer Ollie Hicks has broken the 18-metre mark, too.

He shot 572 out of a possible 600 points to best John Demmer III’s world-leading score by one. Hicks’ result has already been ratified as a world record.

“I’m really pleased. It’s great to see the hours I’ve been practising in the freezing temperatures outside have been paying off,” said Hicks.

“I thought I had a chance of increasing my under-21 and under-18 world records but I wasn’t sure I’d reach Erik Jonsson’s European and John Demmer’s world record levels. I certainly never expected to be mentioning my achievements alongside these barebow greats.”

Ollie currently owns three of the four barebow men’s world records – both indoor and the 72-arrow 50-metre outdoor record, too. He’s just missing the double 50-metre (which still belongs to Demmer).

All four under-21 and all four under-18 world record belong to Hicks.

“I’ve not been going to competitions with the goal of breaking records but I’ve been striving to see what I can achieve,” he said. “I just want to be the best I can be and not set limits to what can be achieved shooting barebow.”

Hicks is set to compete at the European indoors in Samsun next month, which will include barebow events for the second time.