Top 5: Archery’s best-ever mixed team matches (2023 edition)

Netherlands winning mixed team bronze at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Archery’s an individual sport? Not at all.

They say teamwork makes the dream work – and that’s never been more true than in the archery arena. Communication is key, especially in the mixed team event. The challenge? There are two archers, they rotate – and there’s no time to build a rhythm alone.

Only pairs that work well together achieve results.

It’s March and to recognise gender equity month, we’re counting down five of the best mixed team matches ever.

5) Unbeatable?

This match was for bronze – but it might as well have been for gold.

Korea is always a formidable opponent. And last year in Medellin, Marcus D’Almeida and Ana Sliachticas were undoubtedly the underdogs. Surely, Brazil couldn’t produce the upset… could they?

4) More than a team

Married, new parents – and vicious competitors in the arena. Can Deepika Kumari and Atanu Das beat Chinese Taipei’s Tan Ya-Ting and Tang Chih-Chun in Salt Lake?

3) Flashback

This match was from the world youth championships in 2019. Recognise any of the archers?

It’s the under-21 final and one of the first international results for the now-mega-famous Kim Je Deok – the very same Je Deok who won two gold medals at the Olympics in Tokyo – and Casey Kaufhold, who was runner-up at the senior worlds in 2021.

Wondering what Yeom Hyejeong shouts when Je Deok takes a deep breath? “It’s okay, shoot with confidence!”

2) The home crowd

Shooting in Paris, Sophie Dodemont and Jean Philippe Boulch had the backing of a sympathetic stadium.

Jyothi Surekha Vennam and Abhishek Verma are two of India’s biggest names in compound archery – but here they had three opponents, the two opposite on the shooting line and a heavy atmosphere.

1) An Olympic first

The mixed team event made its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020. The gold medal match saw Dutch duo Gaby Schloesser and Steve Wijler take on a young Korean pairing of An San and Kim Je Deok.

“Fighting, Korea!” Shouts 17-year-old Je Deok.

A result for the history books.