Pavlova, Nespoli among nine archery flagbearers at 2023 European Games

Anastasia Pavlova at the 2023 European Games.

Reigning recurve men’s champion Mauro Nespoli of Italy and Ukraine’s Anastasia Pavlova were among nine archers to carry the flags of their respective nations at the opening ceremony of the 2023 European Games last night in Krakow.

Each country at the multisport event named one male and one female athlete to lead its delegation during the parade.

Nepsoli and French Olympic medallist Jean-Charles Valladont were revealed as flagbearers last week, while Pavlova – who led a Ukrainian team that received an enthusiastic welcome – was one of several last-minute announcements.

“It was amazing. I am proud of my country, that we are here competing, with Ukrainian athletes in many kinds of sports, and everybody can see that we are strong,” she said. Anastasia stood alongside canoeist Andriy Rybachok at the front of the column of athletes representing Ukraine in Henryk Reyman Municipal Stadium.

“I’m happy because so many people in the stadium were supporting our team. Everybody understood about everything that has happened. It’s good for archery also, good for the development of our sport.”

The archery competitions at the 2023 European Games start with qualifying on Friday 23 June. 

Archery flagbearers in Krakow

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