Preview: Bosansky’s shot at proving age is irrelevant in archery forever

The compound men’s #EliteEight at the Hermosillo 2023 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final.

His words after winning a second stage on the season in Paris: “I want to show people that age does not matter in archery.”

Forty-seven-year-old Jozef Bosansky has been threatening to break onto the top of the podium since archery returned after the pandemic in 2021. (There was an early final four in Guatemala that year.) Any potential morphed firmly into reality early in 2023 when the Slovakian compounder won the season opener in Türkiye.

It’s an often-spun trope in archery that younger athletes don’t feel the pressure of competition quite as much.

Bosansky embraces it.

From near-perfect rounds to overcoming seemingly insurmountable deficits, Jozef has been in all – and won a large majority – of his matches in 2023. It seems like he’s simply never out.

Age doesn’t matter in archery. But it’s still fun watching Bosansky prove it. 

Finals for the compound men in Hermosillo start at 20h00 (local) on Saturday 9 September. Stream on archery+.


The top two seeds are listed in bold and will be placed at opposite ends of the bracket. A match draw will determine the positions of the other archers.

Bold prediction

Mister Perfect caps an ‘almost’ season by defending his circuit crown.

The international circuit rewards consistency above all else. Schloesser has been consistent.

He’s scoring points at the same rate as he has for the last seven years – 9.85 per arrow – and better than any of the other seven compound men heading to Hermosillo for this Hyundai Archery World Cup Final. In the four matches he lost at the four stages in 2023, he lost while scoring 148 out of a possible 150 points.

Some years things fall your way, some years they don’t.

In the long run, Mike’s consistency will pay off.

Season stats

Correct as of Monday 4 September 2023.

Archer World ranking Average arrow Match record Tiebreak record
Jozef Bosansky
SVK flag Slovakia
2 9.77 30-4 (88%) 5-2 (71%)
Mike Schloesser
NED flag Netherlands
1 9.85 18-7 (72%) 0-2 (0%)
Mathias Fullerton
DEN flag Denmark
10 9.81 12-7 (63%) 0-3 (0%)
Prathamesh Jawkar
IND flag India
14 9.73 15.5 (75%) 2-1 (67%)
James Lutz
USA flag USA
4 9.84 8-3 (73%) 0-2 (0%)
Sawyer Sullivan
USA flag USA
16 9.72 11-5 (69%) 1-1 (50%)
Abhishek Verma
IND flag India
7 9.75 11-2 (85%) 2-0 (100%)
Miguel Becerra
MEX flag Mexico
5 9.71 16-7 (70%) 2-0 (100%)