archery+ to launch Taking Aim podcast – exploring the mental game

Taking Aim podcast.

A brand-new podcast exploring the mental game of archery, Taking Aim, is due to launch on the archery+ platform on 9 February 2024.

Four episodes titled Visualisation and Imagery, Stress Management and Resilience, Confidence and Competence, and Target Panic will be available in video format to subscribers. Audio-only highlight versions will be available via other podcast providers.

archery+ is currently offering a special introductory annual subscription price of 29.99 EUR.

The new streaming platform is the one-stop destination for archery competition coverage and content, with World Archery’s recent archive available to watch free of charge and more being added weekly.

Coverage of this weekend’s Vegas Shoot lives on the platform, with the Vegas Shootdowns available to watch via subscription or for a one-off ticket price of 4.99 EUR.

Taking Aim’s first four episodes feature Turkish team psychologist Cem Gizep, sports psychologist Dr Jon Rhodes and Brazilian Olympic Bernardo Oliveira, and is hosted by World Archery world feed commentator Karim Bashir.

Watch from 9 February 2024 on archery+.