Korea picks national squad for 2024, Olympic team decided in April

Kim Je Deok at Korean selections in 2024.

Kim Je Deok and Lim Sihyeon have won the trials for the Korean team as archery’s leading nation has announced the 32 archers that will train at its elite centre in Jincheon this year.

Kim Woojin, Choi Misun, Lee Woo Seok and the ageless Oh Jin Hyek are among the other big names on the recurve squad. But a stalwart of the last decade, reigning Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion Kang Chae Young, missed the cut – and will miss out the Olympics in Paris.

Reigning Olympic Champion An San was eliminated on Monday.

“To perform at our best, preparation as is important as the result,” head coach Hong Seung Jin told the Korean media. “We will be more prepared than ever for Paris.”

Although the pressure will be downplayed, this is a monumental year for Korea.

The recurve women’s team will attempt to win an unprecedented 10th consecutive title at the Olympic Games in August and with Kang and An out of the line-up, Rio 2016 team gold medallist Choi Misun is the only athlete in the squad with previous experience at the Games.

“I have high expectations,” she said. “I will try to stay positive and be in good shape so that I can continue to perform well for the rest of the selection process.”

Two events in late March and mid-April will decide which six athletes (three men, three women) represent Korea at the Olympics.

Korean squad for 2024

  • Recurve men: Kim Je Deok, Kim Woojin, Lee Woo Seok, Seo Mingi, Kim Hajoon, Kim Yechan, Jeong Taeyeong and Oh Jin Hyek.
  • Recurve women: Lim Sihyeon, Choi Misun, Jeon Hunyoung, Oh Yejin, Lim Haejin, Nam Suhyun, Lee Gahyun and Lee Eun Gyeong.
  • Compound men: Yang Jaewon, Choi Yonghee, Choi Eun Gyu, Lee Eun Ho, Kim Jongho, Kang Dong Hyun, Park Seung Hyun and Ko Bohyeon.
  • Compound women: So Chaewon, Oh Yoohyun, Han Seungyeon, Park Jungyoon, Cho Yoojoo, Sim Sooin, Song Yun Soo and Park Yerin.
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