Fullerton: I no longer ‘fear to fail’

Mathias Fullerton celebrates winning the World Cup Final.


“It’s crazy and it feels like I’m dreaming right now.”

Mathias Fullerton’s first words as the Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion couldn’t have expressed his emotions better. He’d been the man with all the potential for two seasons.

Now that potential was realised.

“I’ve been hoping for this since I was a little boy, so it’s very emotional.”

Fast forward six months and the floodgates, in competitive terms, have opened. He’s won Vegas (and indoor nationals) in the US, continued his impeccable tournament form and retains the look of a man who has carved his spot within the elite.

A necessary mindset in 2024 – when Mathias faces a new challenge.

No longer the underdog. Fullerton is now the man to beat.

“It feels different going into this season but in a good way,” he says, three weeks out from the season opener in Shanghai. “I don’t feel like I have the doubt I had before.”

“I know I’m capable of winning the biggest event in archery.

“I’m a lot more confident.”

If there was any confidence lacking last September in Hermosillo, it didn’t show. Tied after regulation with Prathamesh Jawkar – and the World Cup trophy on the line – Mathias delivered a near-dead centre arrow to win the tiebreak.

He celebrated even before his opponent had shot. Under extreme pressure, he’d delivered.

“I’m still here to do the same thing I did last year,” he says, far calmer now than then. “And that is to win.”

Mathias’ scores haven’t increased much over the three years he’s been contesting the podium. He’s been world-class. But since that breakout result last year in Mexico, he’s been winning, too.

“I think mostly what’s changed is that I now strive a lot more to perform, rather than fearing to fail.”

The Hyundai Archery World Cup starts in Shanghai in late April.

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