Korean legend Oh Jin Hyek retires after missing Olympic team in 2024

Oh Jin Hyek after winning the London 2012 Olympics.

Oh Jin Hyek has officially, finally, announced his retirement from the Korean team.

The 42-year-old, who is most famous for becoming the first man from archery’s leading nation to win the Olympic Games in 2012, began teasing the end of his career in 2015. It would last for nearly another decade.

“Younger archers will be able to do better,” he said after the last day of squad trials today in Yecheon, where Kim Woojin, Kim Je Deok and Lee Woo Seok were named as the team for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

“I wish the best for them.”

Against all odds, the legendary – and seemingly ageless – Oh made Korea’s eight-athlete squad for yet another time in 2024. It was one last attempt at an Olympic team, and he fell just short (out of the 100s of professionals in the country), finishing last in the final selection.

“He was a team captain and then a good brother who I always relied on,” said Woojin, who inherits Oh’s mantle as leader of the men’s squad.

“I am sad for his retirement. But as time goes by, more competent juniors will replace me, too. That’s how Korean archery stays on top.”

It took far longer than even he expected, but Oh Jin Hyek has finally been beaten out.

He had already begun acting as a player-coach for his professional team, Hyundai Steel, and is expected to transition into full-time coaching over the coming months, following in the recent footsteps of former teammate Im Dong Hyun.

The individual win at the London 2012 Olympics will remain Oh’s defining achievement.